Paint all the things white! The Hetalia Movie Review

So I finally got around to watching the Hetalia movie. It’s called Hetalia: Paint it White. Basically there is an alien invasion where everyone gets turned into white people without faces and everything just turns white (see above). I’ll try and make this as spoiler-less as possible. My feels; bad first then good

Bad Things:

  • No need to bring back old footage to make the movie longer. I would have been fine with a shorter thing. Or with new random filler things.
  • I’m personally not a fan of Sealand, so I don’t know why he got so much screen time. Except to cover plot holes which Hetalia isn’t particularly interested in covering anyway.
  • WTF was the random scene with Iceland at the beginning? They never made mention of him again…. I would have liked to see Hetalia take a look at a modern current issue and see how the countries interact with it/each other about it.

Good Things:

  • Oh, the plot was adorkable.
  • I literally laughed the entire time America was talking to Tony the Alien. Especially in the sub, it was hysterical.
  • Can I just talk a second about how much I love England? He’s my fave because he is almost as down to Earth as Germany but has just a short temper and gets pissed and starts getting in on the shenanigans.
  • I’ll be real honest and say before this I hadn’t sat and watched Hetalia in a while, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. And while I said in my review of the series that it does get into the bizarre it really is cute and funny.
  • The truly bizarre Hetalia stuff was left out. Although that scene with the Kappa isn’t what I would call normal…

Overall, the Hetalia movie was very good. Did it blow me over with new things? Not really. They reused some scenes and the new content was very similar to some of their old content. But was it enjoyable? Yes, yes it was.