Trailer Tuesdays: Tekken Tag Tournament Two’s Girl Power Trailer

It’s Trailer Tuesdays! Let’s talk about Tekken‘s version of Girl Power.

I love playing Tekken! Love it! I enjoy kicking the various butts of all of my friends that play with me. It’s one of the few video games that I have always enjoyed and have been good at.

Apparently though, Tekken Tag Tournament Two‘s new trailer Girl Power has a message for me, that message appears to be either that Tekken is not for women or that the only power women have comes from their sexuality. I think there is less than a minute of actual game footage is this trailer. The rest is simply models dressed up to look like the characters and posed in various provocative ways.

If you were ever looking for a classic example of the male gaze this would be it. The camera follows the girls gyrating forms the way the human eye would, particularly the male eye as it looks the body of the female models up and down. One clip in particular, doesn’t even show the face or the rest of the body of the model, but simply zooms in on her breasts as silk slides over them. Other pictures of the models taking off or putting on sexy clothing while smiling coyly into the camera makes it all very clear that their performance is not meant for women. The message is for men and that message is, the Tekken girls will show off their bodies for you of you play this game.

What message does this have for women; after all, the trailer was given the “girl power” motto. The message here is that women only have power via their sexuality. The models in this trailer are made to be sex objects and their own real power is being able to sexually manipulate men. Well gee Tekken, thanks for supporting that equally sexist so-called form of “empowerment.”

Let’s be clear, whether this trailer is called “Girl Power” or not the target audience is not women. This trailer as taken a game I love, a game where I felt like a bad ass who is on equal footing with everyone else, and turned it into something that tells me I don’t belong as anything other than an object for the male sexual appetite.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: Tekken Tag Tournament Two’s Girl Power Trailer

  1. The song in the background, for those who aren’t familiar with this artist, is “Lights Out” by Natalia Kills. It may not be the worst, but it’s certainly one of the contenders for “songs that should not be in an ad trying to shoehorn in a girl power message”. The song is essentially about playing mind games and how the female in the song knows when she’s being tricked (but doesn’t make any effort to do anything about it).
    The line that got me looking into the background song at all was Far East Movement’s part (aka: the male part): especially the line, “Wrapped by tie around your neck/That’s what I call a freak on a leash”. If this ad is even trying remotely to be about female empowerment, why place such a blatantly sexual break-down right where the action is fading and we go back to models doing sexy model-y things? Of course, that has already been answered in the actual post.
    I think I’ll take my gaming ads without the side of “boy-ology”, thank you very much.
    [Full Lyrics to Song Found Here:

      • I totally see what you mean, Tsunderin. Those lyrics are DEFINITELY NOT ‘Female Empowerment’ to ANY degree! Wow! šŸ˜³

        I guess that’s why they edited it for the Game Trailer. They cut out all of the Male Chauvinist lines of ‘FAR East M’ from it. And rightly so. šŸ˜

        I still love the Game Trailer and the (edited) version of the song. As for the REAL song. No. šŸ˜’

        I’m a guy, myself, so I definitely enjoy looking at beautiful, sexy women. But Male Chauvinism is DEAD to ME. And should NEVER be resurrected. Ever. šŸ˜”

        I’m no feminist either, though. I simply feel that men and women ARE equal. In EVERY WAY. There shouldn’t have to be ANY arguments over that subject, but of course, with the world WE live in, there’s gonna be. šŸ˜

        Anyway. Love you guys/gals! šŸ˜˜šŸ˜Ž

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