Theatre Thursdays: Princess Mononoke, the play?

According to Crunchyroll and a number of other outlets, the classic Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke is being adapted for the stage in London by the Whole Hog Theatre company. In keeping with the ecological themes of the movie, the puppets used to portray the various nature deities will be made of recycled material. Although I’ve pointed out my opinion on the use of puppets in theatre before, hope springs eternal. If I had some way to get to London to see this next April, I’d be all over that.

(Via Crunchyroll)

2 thoughts on “Theatre Thursdays: Princess Mononoke, the play?

  1. Very interesting idea. At first, I thought, “Princess Mononoke isn’t Princess Mononoke without those amazing, demonic visuals, which are impossible to replicate on stage.” But after rethinking, the show presents an opportunity to really explore amazing costumes and great settings, so it could become a wonderful, visual spectacle.

    • Yeah, I really think it has the potential to be very good and bring a somewhat niche story to a larger audience, or be very, very bad…

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