Fanfiction Fridays: Shattered by CWBasset

This Star Wars fic review is in no way yet another apology for not getting my next Animated Series post up.


Everything about this fic makes me happy, and I hope it makes all of you happy as well. Like, were any of you upset about the prequels? No problem, because CWBasset’s Shattered adds a great deal of emotional depth to it, so you can actually care about what happens. Did you think the prequels were filled with unexplained plot holes and made no sense? That’s okay, because once again, we have an author who actually knows how to tell a story.

And she’s also someone after my own heart to—at, least I think she’s a she. On her profile page, she describes herself as:

An obsessive compulsive procrastinator with an overly active imagination and very little spare time to do much about it.

Well, that may explain why her updates are slow going, but when someone on can churn out chapters that read as though they potentially belong to a published author, I can’t really bring myself to complain about the long waits.

Anyway, the summary for the story goes as follows:

The New Republic is on the brink of the collapse, the Sith have reemerged, war is on the horizon—yet everything that is happening feels wrong….So when Luke Skywalker receives an offer to go back in time to change the galaxy’s destiny, can he refuse?

The story’s not only slow going in updates, but in some other aspects as well. That’s not to say it’s boring or anything, far from it, but Luke doesn’t actually manage to reach the past until chapter fourteen. It’s from there that things pick up a bit more. Currently, the fic is over one-hundred fifty thousand words at twenty-seven chapters, and it’s still not done, so it is a bit of a long read, but one that is well worth it.

I do have to give CWBasset credit in that she didn’t completely blow over the tragedy of the future to skip to the father-son bonding you know this kind of story has.

Basset takes real effort to establish what’s happening in the future and set the stakes. The New Republic is on the brink of collapse, Basset says. Well, it really is. And to save it, Luke has to leave his wife and children behind to stop the rise of Vader. Luke initially plans to travel to Mustafar to deal with Vader there, but for certain reasons he goes back even earlier to the Clone Wars.

Unfortunately, this kind of travel is very easily picked up on by the Jedi Council, who can sense what’s happened, but the Yoda of the past is not the same master Luke’s used to, and he can’t trust him. Instead, he opts to stay hidden from every Jedi he can and figure out what he should do on his own.

Spoilers: Anakin finds him.

It’s hilarious.

CWBasset does a wonderful job with their dynamic. This is how Anakin finds out he’s a parent, by being confronted with a son who’s currently older than he is. Over the time they spend together, they slowly learn about each other, while Luke desperately tries to keep his father’s impending fate a secret and slowly piecing together everything that happened to turn Anakin to the dark side. The two of them don’t often get along, and they bicker quite a lot. A running theme is Anakin wanting Luke to shave his beard because he doesn’t like it. And he gets grouchy when Luke keeps it because Mara enjoys his facial hair.

I feel as though is some regards, Basset did a better job than the prequels did, especially in terms of characterization. George Lucas should take notes.

This fic definitely has its moments, and it’s one of my favorites. Be sure to check it out here.