Manga Mondays: Wolf’s Rain

Okay, everypony! This week’s Manga Monday is about Wolf’s Rain. There are only two volumes and there is also an anime version.

Wolf’s Rain follows a couple of wolves and their quest to find Paradise. To find Paradise, the characters have to find the Lunar Flower Maiden, Cheza, and have her lead them to Paradise. The series takes place in the distant future where almost everything has been urbanized. This has forced wolves to adapt and disguise themselves as humans; many humans had believed the wolves to be an extinct species because of this.

I really like this series. I got introduced to it through the anime, which I also liked. My only problem with this series is it is really confusing. For only having two volumes, there are a lot of characters to keep track of. So the plus side is you aren’t going to get bored; the negative is you might need to read this more than once to figure out everything that is going on.

I really don’t have a favorite character. I just really dislike Cheza, the Lunar Flower Maiden. She is absolutely useless and spends more time leading the wolves into danger as opposed to leading them away from it to a better place. While she comes across as mysterious, she also comes across as flighty and I don’t particularly appreciate that. I also disliked how Kiba, one of the main wolves, constantly made excuses for her.

Overall, it is a really interesting series. It is able to focus on a lot of different points and it doesn’t leave the reader bored. Rereading it to write this post, I discovered things I hadn’t noticed before; I feel like that is something authors should really strive for.