Fanfiction Follies: Where’s All the Femslash?

Okay, fandom, I tried to find a fanfic for this Friday to recommend, but I like to give a variety of different fanfics when I post. This means I try to recommend various fandoms and pairings, or no pairings. I have tried to suggest fanfics that are slash fics, het fics, and gen fics, and this week all I wanted to do was introduce you, dear reader, to an awesome femslash fanfic. Finding good femslash fics, or any at all for that matter, is as hard as trying to find diamonds in Minecraft.

I have been searching the internet for weeks, but alas, this does not appear to be a feasible quest. Granted, I am limited in my search because I am only looking for femslash in fandoms I know and love. One of the fandoms I have been searching for femslash in, however, is Batman. Why is no one writing Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy fanfiction? Come on, fandom, it’s practically canon!

I always found it strange that there was never much femslash in fandom, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place. So I have decided to ask you, the reader, for your help.

Comment below and tell me why you think there isn’t as much femslash fics compared to slash, het, and even gen fics.

Then, if you know of a good femslash fic, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, link it below and I may review it at the beginning of next month.

What makes a good femslash fic, in my opinion?

  1. There must be plot. While porn is always appreciated, I saw a lot of femslash stories that were just porn with little to no substance and I like to think that there are more varied fics than that in the world.
  2. Characters and relationships must be well developed. I think that’s pretty clear.
  3. The characters must be over 18. It’s great that there are a lot of Glee fanfics, but they’re all in high school and that creeps me out. Let’s make sure all of our characters are adults.
  4. Grammar should be passable to excellent. If it’s not readable I am not interested.
  5. No Real Person Fics (RPFs) and no incest. These are things I personally dislike — nothing against people who like them, they’re just not for me.

Those are the rules. Please follow them and suggest some awesome femslash fics for reviewing!

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  1. Homestuck as a fandom is pretty femslash friendly, and SunBreaksDown is my favorite when it comes to the ladies.

    Full Throttle – This really requires no knowledge of Homestuck to enjoy –

    8r8k h34ds – Unfortunately this one sort of does but is too good for me to not atleast post –

    Connect – The sequel to 8r8k h34ds –

    I picked these because they are best I could find and they meet all your criteria.

  2. I don’t have any specific fics to recc (‘fraid I am strictly a m/m slash or a gen fic reader) but there are two fandoms that are good for femslash.

    QAF (Queer as Folk) – Melanie and Lindsay (They are a canon couple)
    XENA – Xena and Gabrielle

    I know of one writer whose m/m fic I love in the QAF fandom who has written femslash. I haven’t read those but her other stories are some of the best I have ever read. I will try and find a link to her femslash.

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  6. Did you really get only 2 comments on this? Man… I wandered into this trying to find some recs of things I haven’t read yet, but now I feel like I need to go back through my reading list and note all the incredible ones. They do exist. Even in Supernatural. And Batman.
    There is definitely not the depth of fic as there is in m/m fandom, but let’s blame that on the androcentrism of media in general, and not worry too much.

    SPN – Check out the SPN femmeslash bigbang site. One of my faves is “Honey and the Hive Queen.”

    For Harley/Ivy, (as well as a bunch of other great fics) Allaine (on ffn) is truly excellent. The fic is very plot-centric and grammatical. For branching out purposes, try “An Unacceptable Sitch,” a Kim Possible fic, but it is post high-school, and actually you can totally read the first ‘volume’ of the series as gen.

    Legend of the Seeker is also a really rich femslash fandom. Try “No Fate but What We Make.” And there are even some fusions, like you get with the SPN boys, “Mrs. and Mrs. Mord-Sith” for example (Awesome, sexy & plotty). And “Confession, and other Trouble that a Mord’Sith can get into,” is so excellent.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be an arrogant fic writer if I didn’t rec myself, so you know, try “Women of Diamond” and sequels. They’re Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss fic, which some people find to be an instant turn off (crossovers! Oh Noes!) but I have good data that they don’t suffer from a lot of the crossover problems rampant in some areas of the internet.

  7. I know this is a year and a half late, but I just stumbled across this and had to post some really excellent femslash fics. Some may be in totally unknown fandoms, but they are of excellent quality. – The Eighth Weasley. A crossover between Buffy and Harry Potter with a Hermione and Willow romance. Huge and spans an epic story line – eight years in the making. – Dark Energy. A Mass Effect AU fic with a Fem Shepard and Liara romance – totally awesome and full of epicness with excellent characterisation that is totally believable. There are also five sequels; its just that good. – Xena Subtext Virtual Seasons 7, 8, 9 and 10. Great, cute and written as TV scripts. Could totally think this is canon continuation. The relationship between Xena and Gabrielle is pretty much like the two are and old married couple.

    And finally . . . – Synergy and Symbiosis. A Rizzoli and Isles romance. No femslash fic list would be complete without at least one Rizzles. I mean, come on – its practically canon!

  8. Hi, I know I’m late in writing these suggestions, but I think these are superb femslash fictions with great plots (no PWPs), characterisation, and consenting adults (although I will try to sneeck in a Glee story as well, on behalf of its exceptional and great storyline:

    XWP: Enginerd’s stories are all good (although I will not vauch for the fictions outside of XWP), but the best of best is the Canon Uber of Mel & Jenice, particularly the Southern Hospitality Series ( It does not necessarily require a previous knowledge of the XWP series (as it is based on a single episode), and it has a great array of original supporting characters (not Mary Sues!) that makes for a great read.

    Also originating from XWP, but specialising in the Uber genre (now termed AU) is Nene Adams and her particular brand of historical novels ( Nene’s Living Library is, however, more than a mere collection of Neo-Victorian femslash novels (from short to epic novels), it has also fantasy, scify and my absolute favorite, the Kwaidan: Supernatural Tales of the Floating World (A Series Set in a Fantastic Ancient Japan).

    Now for the underage infiltration of Glee. There is a super undervalued story that is an absolute gem in terms of plot, characterisation and ironinc reflections on the general awfulness of the official series’ storyline (trully terapeutic and rewarding). The only reason that I dare listing it here despite the warning is its ensamble nature. The femslash part is a slow development, but absolutely worth it: it’s ihatepeep’s Alone Together (

    I have read a lot of Rizzles fics, but have yet to decide which one merits more than one reading. Although, there is a short story (one-shot) that I am particularly fond of: Alucino’s Jane, Maura and the Trunk of a Car (

    Good read to all,


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  11. How on earth did this thread:
    1) Get so few comments given the subject? F/F readers are vast in number.
    2) Not once mention the L Word?

    Okay, okay, I know that the L Word has been off of the air for ten years now, and I’m fully aware that it’s a lesbian soap / melodrama. I’m also aware of what a fangirl is and how much they are despised. But still, it gave lesbians a well of potable water in a time of serious drought. I think you would be daft to dismiss some really great fanfic just because it’s based on a show with plot twists and fans that are so very beyond disappointing.

    I, myself, have been an F/F fanfic reader for years, primarily XWP. I’m a fan of uber for the most part, but I still hit up the conqueror from time-to-time. I have the same prerequisites mentioned here: plot, romance, depth, and grammar/spelling. If you’re looking for a wealth of well-written XWP fic, I would suggest visiting the Athenaeum. It took me more than a year to read most of the gems there. Authors like Susan X. Meagher, LJ Maas, and Colleen put out some really great stuff. I would be remiss not to at least mention Missy Good, though I’m not a huge fan of her work personally.

    After I exhausted XWP, I moved to the L-Word. I’ll be honest: I found few that I could read that weren’t entirely fluff, neat ideas with terrible delivery, or so poorly written that my IQ plummeted with each run-on sentence. However, like all things, there is some good out there. BenMac covers a broad range of genres from the supernatural, to the mundane, to sci-fi… all of which showcase TiBette beautifully. She’s fantastically descriptive and does very well with her words. There are many more, but it’s been a while and you’ll need to weed. I think you’ll find some really great stuff amidst the fluff and grammar challenged.

    In short, I got frustrated with F/F fanfic and figured that if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I would need to step up and WRITE MY OWN. I write TiBette fic, and for all of my elitist needs and notions of how it should be done, I found that I was just a babe when I posted my first fic, “What a Way to Go Out.” I look at it now and cringe, but ultimately, I’ve learned a lot from writing and reading fanfic, putting myself out there, and ultimately, being the master of my domain. I’ve learned to loosen up and not be so quick to judge. A lot of these authors are ESL and need an outlet that their social climate doesn’t support.

    So, in conclusion, I respectfully say this: stop complaining and start writing what you want to see. I will now step off of my soapbox.


  12. Skins, I’m not a fan of this fandom but this fiction is just too good. (Everything from this author is great) I think its the best Glee fiction, they are not in high school, so you will like it. If you didn’t read it, you should. its a must read. Favorite Harry Potter fiction Not complete, I enjoyed it a lot. its angst but I loved it. Brooke/Payton One tree hill fiction

    I do have more, but I don’t remember them right now, I can search my brain if you liked my suggestions.


    • re: Measure Each Step- They’re both 17 when they first get together and the fic takes place over a few years.

  13. Those Guilded Chains We Wear by KuraiBites (Harry Potter fanfic, Bellatrix/Hermione) is absolutely amazing, though incomplete.

    Truth and Measure by Telanu (Devil Wears Prada, Andrea/Miranda) is just as awesome, and this one’s complete!

  14. Super late comment… But I spend half my time at work reading femslash and have nobody to share it’s greatness with.
    Some of my all time favourites have been mentioned, Truth and Measure and anything by thememoriesfire.
    Here are some more: This person is a legend. Everything they write is gold. Check out “Not Myself” Xmen. Emma Forst/OC and “Lone Wolf” Twilight. OC/Alice An EPIC Hermione/Minerva WIP, author still updates fairly regularly. Hermione/Minerva Criminal Minds Emily/JJ. There’s vampires. and it’s great. Also has a sequel. Hermione/Luna Hermoine/Luna Hermione/Fleur Hermione/Fleur WIP Hermione/Fleur Avengers gender swap Toni Stark/Stephanie Rogers Twilight Bella/Tanya WIP
    It’s been about 3 years since I’ve read any Glee fanfiction, but these authors always had the best femslash fics:

    here are some communities:

    Also, the old livejournal femslash big bang’s used to have a ton of gems in them. Granted, I haven’t read them in about 3-4years

  15. By far the best femslash story is Not Myself by Princess Alexandria on It has a very deep plot and it is not for the faint of heart or squeamish. It revolves around and origional character that found herself in the xmen world. She has to create a new life for herself while dealing with her past.

    Very good. I would suggest any of Alexandrias work. Her stories are only for the open minded and for someone afraid to get their hands dirty.

  16. We need more femslash in every fandom!There are a lot of good slash (m/m) fics but def not enough f/f. I wonder why? One of my favourite fics just updated, yay! It’s a twilight femslash fic on the winter games. A US hockey player meets a Russian figure skater and sparks fly.
    I like plot too, porn is fine but I’m a sucker for a good romance. Do you have good fics to rec? It doesnt matter which fandom, I’ll read anything. Cheers

  17. I’ve always thought along the same lines as Alsike earlier in the thread: “let’s blame that on the androcentrism of media in general.” Earlier this year I, too, tried to find some Femslash and what I found wasn’t great (I even tried for Kaylee x Inara stuff!). I’ve definitely been writing lady love in my original fiction, but maybe I, too, should contribute to the Femslash fanfic community.

    Anyway, this is a great post (with helpful comments!) and still very relevant today. Cheers.

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