Theatre Thursdays: Potted Potter

Tuesday night I went with my parents to see Potted Potter, a Harry Potter parody musical that summarizes the entire seven books in seventy minutes. It is acted out by two British guys (Dan and Jeff) who also wrote the show.

Personally, I thought it started off a little slow. It was a little too silly just for the sake of being silly. Since the show was meant for young children, the antics at the beginning were probably meant to draw them in. In addition, some of the jokes towards the beginning were done too many times (like a bad SNL skit).

However, everything picked up after the Quidditch match, where audience members tried to get a beach ball through the ‘hoops’ and the two seekers (two small children from the audience) had to go find and catch the snitch (Jeff in a costume). When I saw it, Jeff got tackled to the ground and both he and Dan were laughing the rest of the production. And you really can’t fake enjoying yourself. And these guys were really having a blast during the entire second half of the show. They barely kept it together but it made the show that much more enjoyable.

It was the more impromptu things (like having your face smashed to the ground by a small child) that made the production a lot of fun. At another point, Dan was supposed to eat cake while the stage lights went out and it instead got on his face. He was dripping icing and his response was “I think it’s a little warmer up here than it usually is.” Funny little quips like that made the show.

If you are a Harry Potter purist, you’re going to have a bad time. If you go in thinking when are they going to talk about Cho Chang, or Cedric, or Tonks, you are going to have a really sad time because they don’t even get mentioned. Jeff says when the production starts that there are over three-hundred characters in the books, and in seventy minutes you can’t name all of them; you can’t even name all of the important ones.

Also, if you are not a fan of British humor, do not go. If you couldn’t figure out that a parody show written by two British guys was going to have British humor, then I’m going to start worrying about you guys.

My favorite scripted part was Nagini. Now I don’t want to share spoilers, but it was really, really funny.

Potted Potter makes for a fun night. Slow starting off, but a great finish.

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