Fanfiction Fridays: As a Rose Blooms by kiss-the-thunder

So, remember a couple weeks ago when I said that I was having a hard time finding any good Sonic fanfiction? Yeah, turns out I was only having a hard time remembering what was in my bookmarks. So congratulations, Sonic fandom, you can put one tally on the ‘good’ side of your fanfic scoreboard. Outside of the fandom that it’s from, what makes this story even more surprising is that it came from DeviantArt and that it doesn’t involve any romance. Someone should go call Satan because I’m pretty sure Hell just froze over. Or, instead of that, just read As a Rose Blooms by kiss-the-thunder.

Rose’s premise is staggeringly simple: Robotnik has finally been defeated and peace has come over Mobius once more. And so, the battle-weary women gather together to participate in Princess Sally’s coronation as she finally takes her rightful place in the monarchy she holds a lingering respect for.  Yet despite her worldliness, Sally must figure out how to share this peace with the newer generation. This sounds like a simple plotline, but the way Thunder intertwines all of the characters (who are actually in-character) creates a much more complex image of some of the looked over characters in the series.

For instance, one of my favorite characters, Bunnie Rabbot, is often shoved to the side, but in this story she plays a significant role. Arguably, she is Princess Sally’s closest friend, so she tries to get everything perfect for the coronation. Knowing first-hand what Robotnik took away, Bunnie is quick to pamper but immovable in her stance like a rock. She’s not a foil for Princess Sally, as they both have this hardness to them that only war can bring, but Bunnie allows Sally to explore some of her more human traits, the imperfections that a princess or queen may not be allowed to have otherwise.

Now, the thing I like best about this fic is that it’s a different, more realistic interpretation of the ‘girl power’ genre. All the girls in this story are friends—after being through such a long and perilous war together, how could you not?—but there are obviously different levels of friendship between everyone. It’s assumed that the audience of this story already knows how kickass these women are, so there’s no point in going over it again and again. That is something I give huge props for. I’m even more impressed by how the relationship between Amy Rose and Sally is portrayed.

One of the largest ship wars in this fandom is between the SonAmy camp and the SalSon camp. It’s mostly a division of who’s read the comics or watched the early 90’s show and who has only played the games, but the flames burn ever-bright. I would fathom to guess that 80% of the Amy + Sally art on DeviantArt is them arguing and hating each other, and I can’t say that that’s entirely out of character. Sally doesn’t exactly have the tolerance to deal with a twelve year old little girl (who’s crush on her ex-boyfriend can reach obsessive levels) at all times. In the same vein, Amy can’t help but hold a grudge on Sally, not only because she has such a past with Sonic, but also because, in her eyes, Sally is an almost unobtainably perfect figure, something that Amy feels is impossible for her to achieve. However, Thunder masterfully expresses these aspects in a way much more mature than catfights and name-calling: through dresses. Yes, a dress fitting perfectly encapsulates how these two girls from different generations feel about each other and more-so about how they feel about themselves.

Although some of the prose in this story can sound a little off at times, I recommend giving this ficlet a read. It’s not every day you get to see the women of the Sonic universe interact with each other, let alone without romance!

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  1. Well the reason I can picture them as enemy is because Sally marries sonic well she also marries shadow too but I’d rather see shadow and Amy together then her and sonic. Sonic is too much of a play boy and has kissed multiple girls even tails wife I think.

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