Trailer Tuesdays: Once Upon a Time Season 2

Here we go! A sneak peak at season two of Once Upon a Time. I wrote a review of Season 1 in case any of you need to refresh on how and why this show is awesome.

So Captain Hook breaks into Mr. Gold’s shop. Hrm… I wonder how he got there since he is not a fairytale character. What are we going to have next, Colonel Mustard chillaxin’ with Boromir on the beach? Or are Tigger and Robin Hood going to steal from the rich and give to the poor together? Maybe the Count of Monte Cristo is going to team up with Captain Hook to defeat Mr. Gold.

Now I’m getting a little crazed, but my feeling is stick with the actual fairytale characters. It’s not like they are in short supply. Once Upon a Time has a good thing going already, and they don’t need to step outside of fairytales to keep it up.