One Piece: The Incredible Journey #1

I know we had a review of One Piece by Tsunderin the other week, but when you are dealing with a series that is approximately one bajillion chapters, I feel that we can dedicate a little more time.

This is the first of a series of posts that will show my reactions to everything that is One Piece. I just started reading it and hope that some of my feelings will refresh your memories of the series or maybe make you excited to read it.

So why did I decide to read One Piece now? Well, in the past my only experience with One Piece came from the 4Kids dub. That was a scary show. In addition, Luffy scared me. The drawing style made him look extremely creepy and I was not a fan. Besides, I had Bleach, Naruto, and so many other series to read that not reading didn’t make me particularly sad. But after months and years of hearing rumors that it was awesome, I decided to start reading.

I’ve read the first ninety-five chapters (Arlong just got his butt handed to himself on a silver platter). Here are my general feelings so far:

  • Luffy is not nearly as creepy as I thought he was going to be (drawing style wise). The 4Kids dub made him seem creepy as nut, but in the manga the drawing style isn’t nearly as severe.
  • I hate Usopp. Everyone else is capable of pulling themselves together and kicking butt, but he is only capable of running away and being dumb. He needs some serious character development because he is so much less mature than the other characters.
  • I’m glad Nami got some back story. She seemed like a really complicated character when she was introduced and now I like her even more.

However, Sanji and Zorro are having a fight out for being my favorite characters. I’m kind of a huge fan of the dark, silent, plotting types and while neither fits that bill, they are the closest matches. If I had to pick my favorite, it would be Sanji.

  • The main problem with this series in my opinion is that it is slow. It takes three pages for something that could have taken one. Which is why I’m on Chapter 96 and feel bored reading it. I couldn’t possibly imagine waiting every week for a chapter of this series.
  • I love all of the cover pages. I think using different interactions with random animals is hysterical. I don’t know why, but it reminds of the Avatar/Korra universe with all of the giant animals.
  • I loved that sea cow. Can there always be sea cows? Because it was adorable. And I love how Sanji thought it was a hippo.

I do like it so far. I just think that the series has a lot of issues at this point. While the plot has a clear direction/goal, it is going to take a long time to get there.

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