Generation Avex: G Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’


No, no, no, no, no.

I hate this video. I hate it to the extent that the video literally makes me ill. I didn’t think it was possible, but G Dragon looks horrible in every single scene. Every. Single. One. I think it’s the Sailor Moon blond hair—whoever said that was a good idea needs to stop giving fashion advice.  Beyond that, though, there is nothing attractive in this video. The girls don’t look attractive. The other boys don’t look attractive. The set doesn’t look attractive. Hell, it seems to me they just put a bunch of stereotypical rap things in the video and made it all black because obviously that’s the most ‘hardcore’ of all the colors. It’s uninspired and none of them look like they’re having fun except those two kids in the beginning and maybe GD in a couple of scenes (I’ll admit, the tennis scene looks pretty fun).

Music-wise, this song is…passable. It’s much more palatable than anything else we’re presented and I could bob my head to it. That’s it, however. At least with Monsteranother Big Bang song that I was a little undecided on —there was a catchy hook. This song doesn’t have that. The music isn’t even particularly catchy as it mostly sounds like drum beats synched to the techno apocalypse.  There’s nothing memorable in the lyrics either.

This is already my second album, I won’t rob an empty house
My rap is what makes the ladies come to the bedroom — Yeah, I’m busy
Money flower blooms on my business
I won’t rest, my song makes everyone cry

Yeah, that’s not exactly compelling. The song that this most reminds me of is Gwen Stefani’s Yummy because they’re both that “wow, I have a second solo album, I’m amazing and you love my conceitedness” kind of song. Except Gwen’s song has a hook. Mianhe, GD.

This won’t come as any surprise, but this song gets a 1 out of 5 shattered glass wardrobes. It’s annoying. Not even catchy-annoying, just a “why do you exist” or “who thought this was a good idea” annoying. GD, baby, I love you but please don’t try to act like TOP (even he’s having trouble pulling this kind of thing off) and go back to your cute club songs. Please.

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3 thoughts on “Generation Avex: G Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’

  1. I actually adore the song, clip and lyrics.

    Normally, I don’t like rap or hip hop or whatever it is. I have made the exception for GD’s album and pre-ordered it because of this song and “That XX”. I hate conceited lyrics but these are okay by me because of their mocking tone (directed at himself as much as others). I think that’s what I like most about the song and clip – the fact that he’s not serious about himself for one second. It’s lovely to see such a playful song/MV.

    I like the MV a lot, too. There’s a lot going on in it but I enjoy the minimalist aesthetic. If something’s there, you know it’s there for a reason. I think it captures GD’s personality beautifully. I don’t feel any song or video in Heartbreaker managed to achieve this.

    As for the song itself, it took me a while to get used to but it’s really grown on me and I love it now. I feel GD is showing a level of creative maturity and – dare I say it? – subtlety that wasn’t present during Heartbreaker. I’m about to listen to his whole album now and, despite it being my least favourite genre of music, am very excited to hear what he’s come up with.


    • Ha ha, no apologies needed. Long replies are great!

      I don’t exactly see the playfulness in the video, or at least not in an amount that would speak to me as it being intentional. However, I do agree that this album GD really is exploring his creativity. I have to give him major props for that.

      I ended up really loving “That XX” and I think I like his newest, “CrayOn” as well (though, granted, it still needs time to grow on me a bit more). I just think there’s a little bit of his normal charm missing in this song and it really hurts it for me.

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