Manga Mondays: Saint Dragon Girl Miracle

You know how the manga sites have that “Surprise me!” or “Random” button? Well, I clicked it and got taken to Saint Dragon Girl Miracle. It is only nineteen chapters, but each chapter is about fifty pages. And this is shojo by the way, but with a couple random fight scenes.

The story follows a middle school girl named Anju. When she was two, she was really too strong for her age (Mom being a Kendo champion and Dad being a sorcerer and all) so her parents sealed away her strength. For her entire life, she thought she was a weakling. However, to prove she’s strong enough to earn a spot on the Student Council (with the hot guys), she agrees to try and catch a thief. The first time she fails, but then she discovers her hidden power. Her strength hides in the form of her pet bird, which is actually a dragon child. If Anju recites an incantation, she can unseal herself and become a dragon girl with pretty wings and awesome power. The manga continues to follow how Anju protects the school as Saint Dragon Girl from the random peeping tom to the kids after the magical pendants (that never get explained). At the same time, she is torn between having a crush on the Student Council President, Ren (the tall dark silent type) and the VP, Ryuuji (the cray-cray one).

I like Ren and Ryuuji. They are an excellent pair and their interactions are very similar to Tamaki and Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club (except without all the money and very toned down). They also have Ren being in funnier situations because he is more inclined to actually have a reaction. For example, Ren reminds Anju of her father, so everyone calls Ren Papa all the time and his reactions are really funny.

(I’m obviously writing this review as I read the series.) This series is so much like Host Club it’s crazy. The only differences are Host Club has more boys and more money to throw around. And that’s about it. Anju’s mom is exactly like Haruhi’s dad (personality wise). Not to mention Saint Dragon Girl Miracle has had infiltrating a girl’s school, a beach episode, and every other stereotypical thing. And lots of costume changes. Just like Host Club. And did I mention mommy issues between the leader and his mother?

So while the series claims to be completed, that is clearly a lie not true because it ends on a random chapter with nothing being resolved. No decision about the guys. Oh, and apparently there is a prequel called Saint Dragon Girl and I missed that. A review for another day then!

On a completely different note, I hate reverse harem series where there are multiple stunningly attractive men with great personalities fighting for the same girl. There are plenty of girls (me being one of them) who would like a shot at said guys.