Manga Mondays: A Dash of Brotherly Love (For Real)

Now, I like slash and shipping as much as next doujin buyer, but I realize that I’m in one of the less catered to markets in general. You see, I make it my mission to find family/friendship/gen doujinshi as much as I can. It’s not profitable, but sometimes I just don’t want to read about bffsies boning each other. And between E-bay sellers giving nary a description of the comic’s contents and stores like Mandarake not letting you read before you buy, it’s a very dangerous game to play. I have some failures that I may go over in future but today is a day for the rare success story. Today we look at Crybaby Gil! Shocking! Baby Brother’s Confession by @nm°c.

Upon looking at this book again, this seems to be their first comic published (at least for this series) so I’m rather impressed and pleased that they didn’t go straight for the full yaoi. Instead, we have a cute tale of brotherly love. No, not in that way. Or… not entirely, anyway. You see, our dear Gilbert (otherwise known as Prussia) has run into a problem: while he was doing some house cleaning he happened to run into his younger brother, Ludwig’s (also known as Germany) stash of porn. However, this isn’t just any porn—and if you’re up to date in canon you already know this is coming—this is hardcore BDSM porn. A meltdown ensues.

Gilbert runs away to his friends for some comfort (no, not in that way) but considering who the other members of the Bad Touch Trio are—Francis (France) and Antonio (Spain)—it’s obvious to anyone and everyone else that comfort will not be found there. And, indeed, there is none to spare. In fact, they don’t know what he’s freaking out about, Ludwig is at that age after all. Before things get…well, how they usually get with Francis around, Ludwig arrives to retrieve his brother. Both of them thoroughly embarrassed, Ludwig tries to apologize, but, having internalized the only important part of what his friends said, Gilbert stops him. Although he’s not particularly comfortable with it, Gilbert realizes that his brother is not a sexual deviant and wants him to be able to come to him with this kind of thing. Thus they both are pleased with this new open communication they have established and their brotherly bond grows deeper.

I probably don’t have to say anymore for you guys to realize that I really enjoy the plot of this doujin. It’s simple, cute, and something that I could actually see happening in canon. That is also to say that the characters are kept in character. For the most part. Perhaps Gilbert is a little more on the woobie side than the ‘awesome’ side, but I’m okay with it in this case. Francis and Antonio are deliciously terrible and Ludwig is his stoic, easily embarrassed self. I also am fond of @nm°c’s art style. Like I said, I could see this happening in Himaruya’s canon in no small part to @nm°c’s art. In fact, their characters are drawn in almost the exact same way as Himaruya’s style (except way less sketchy).  In general, I like to see authors stay away from this kind of thing and employing their own style, but in this case I feel as though it adds to the sense of ‘familiarity’ the reader is supposed to derive from this. On the other hand, the lack of backgrounds and the simple lines can get boring to look at at times.

If you can get your hands on this comic, I would highly recommend reading it! It’s enjoyable and a much appreciated diversion from all the Germany x Prussia slash that inundates the market.