Web Crush Wednesdays: Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson

It’s that time again ladies and gentleman, prepare your ear drums for this week’s Web Crush–Jensen Ackles singing!

So who knew that Jensen Ackles could sing?

Supernatural fans: Everyone. There are like a lot of videos of him singing.

Me: Okay, but I mean he’s like really good and he’s friends with–

Supernatural fans: Steve Carlson, yeah he was a founding member for the band Kane, and is the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Steve Carlson Band, obviously. Jensen sings back up for him in his albumsĀ ‘Spot in the Corner’ and ‘Rollin On’. Steve Carlson also wrote the song ‘Nighttime‘ which can be heard in the first season of Supernatural, episode 19.

Me: Wow! So does everyone know about this?

Supernatural Fans: Ah, yeah.

Me: ….

So, I guess I have been missing out for a while now, but for those of you like me who didn’t know Jensen could sing. Wow boy, can he sing. The above video is a song called Angeles written by Elliot Smith (who I love), but is here performed by Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson for Carlson’s new album Sharing the Covers. The song is only available if you buy the whole album but I have listened to the other songs on this album and it is really very good. Sharing the Covers is only nine bucks to download on Amazon, please, please buy it. It’s awesome– and my latest Web Crush!

Oh and for the record, now that I know Jensen Ackles can sing I’m really hoping for a musical episode this season. Rumor has it that season eight’s episode ten, titled “Don’t Stop Believing” may be just that. Let’s all pray to Chuck that it will be.

In the mean time, I’ll just leave this last video right here: