Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Princess Celestia

So here is a tricky little sort of post, everyone. The question of the day is “Is Princess Celestia the god (or goddess, whichever you prefer) of Equestria?” Well, we know she is definitely in charge. No questions there. But is she just a princess/ruler, a god, or The God?

If you look back into world history, there are many different deities who control the Sun, just as Celestia does. Helios in Greek mythology, for example, drove his sun chariot around the world every day, representing the sun rising and setting. So does the ability to control the sun with magic make her a god? Not in and of itself. The unicorns in the “Hearth’s Warming Eve” episode apparently had the ability to control the sun and moon through magic. It may have required multiple unicorns to use the magic, but they certainly aren’t considered gods.

It’s the combination of being a higher status (alicorn, princess) with the ability to control the sun that makes her a god. However, I only think she is a god, not with a capital G. I’m going with a very monotheistic approach to this answer, but I believe you can have either one God or multiple gods. Equestria falls into the latter.

So who else is a god? I think Princess Luna definitely falls into that category. With the exact opposite power, the ability to control the moon, Luna clearly has a similar amount of magical power. Also being an alicorn, she also has a higher status.

Princess Cadence, also an alicorn, is another possible god. However, I’m not sure if she qualifies since she hasn’t been given nearly as much screen time as the other two. Also, if her power is love then Shining Armor has a lot to do with it. And if you have to depend on someone else to have your power does it count the same way? See? I honestly don’t know.

To summarize: Princess Celestia is a god of Equestria along with Princess Luna. Both alicorns have a loftier status due to their alicorn-ness and both have supernatural powers beyond anypony else in Equestria. Cadence I’m unsure about. Anypony else have an opinion?

4 thoughts on “Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Princess Celestia

  1. I’m pretty sure cadence is a god as well, but …a lesser god? Like how in greek mythology there are your most prominent gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc, and then there are some of those who are still gods, but get less hype (that;s the wrong word, but I can’t think of a better one…) like Artemis, Persephone, Dionysus
    soooo I would say that cadence is a lesser god compared to luna and celestia.

      • this is true… but maybe that can’t really be compared to anything, since a creature that feeds off love and possess people/ponies to a point of defeating the goddess, isn’t very common.
        I guess Cadance and Shining Armor just loved each other more than a goddess’s strength. It stilll seemed a tad cheesy to me. But in a good, cliche way.

  2. I agree the sisters appear god like especially because the show gives you the impression that the sisters are very old ( with the whole thousand year prophesy and all), but Cadence is depicted as being just a teen when Twilight Sparkle is little. If for no other reason than age I will have to disagree with Cadence being a god. Another interesting question is what of three princesses parents (that have yet to be mentioned)? If Celestia and Luna are goddess that control the sun and moon what did their mom and dad control? Is Cadence even related to the other two, because I don’t recall the show saying she was a sibling?

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