The Power of Three Gets a Nine Out of Ten

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I actually rather liked this episode, so I don’t have a cohesive review or a ton of stuff to complain about this week. This is more of a random list of my feels.

Has it actually been ten years since Amy (and Rory) started properly traveling with the Doctor? That seems extensive and a little crazy. I can see why she wants to get out of there.

The Cube-mouth doctors reminded me of the Empty Child a little bit…. Maybe they should have been a little more creative in their baddie designs?

The Doctor playing Wii tennis is a thing I never thought I’d see, but there you go.

I love Brian Williams as much as the next Whovian, but wasn’t he all adventurous two episodes ago, and now he’s willing to sit for a year and stare at a box and water the plants? That seems a little out of character.

OMG KATE (NOT-LETHBRIDGE-)STEWART. BABY BRIGADIER. BRIGADIER JUNIOR. HEARTS IN MY EYES FOREVER. I seriously love her. This is the best callback to Classic Who ever. Please let her be in more episodes, and continue to be badass and have ravens of death.

It seems like, despite Amy’s desire to stay in the real world, she doesn’t seem to be able to stick with a job. Kissogram went kaput to go to model; model went kaput after the Asylum; and now she’s a travel journalist? I have nothing against career-hopping, but for a fictional character this seems like a statement that for all her real life leanings, she can’t decide what she wants.

And that’s it, folks: Amy’s being a bridesmaid in a lesbian wedding and that marks the first time Doctor Who has referenced an LGBTQ character this season without some sort of undermining comment about their sexuality.

With the finality of Amy and Rory’s wanting to leave, I’m not sure how the Doctor convinced them to go on this one last adventure. And although there are surely feels to be had about their leaving, I’m content to see the Ponds go. I feel their leaving has been dragged out since the end of “The God Complex” and I’m ready for a new face in the TARDIS.

3 thoughts on “The Power of Three Gets a Nine Out of Ten

  1. I also loved seeing the brigadier’s daughter! The feels were almost too much. And as far as Amy and rory, while I will miss them and I’m sure their leaving will be far too drawn out, I’m looking forward to a change!

    • Yeah, I agree about the Ponds – the BBC has been doing this OMG AREN’T YOU SAD THEY’RE LEAVING? thing all week and it’s really making me …less sad.

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