Web Crush Wednesdays: People Who Pull Pranks at Stores

Who loves a good prank? I think we all do, especially when it gets put on the internet for all of us to enjoy. Today’s pranks both involve shopping at stores. The first has customers pulling pranks, and the second has people pretending employees.

The first prank is two guys who make bizarre shopping lists for each other and ask workers at the store for help finding their strange items. Here’s a video!

Another after the jump video by the same guys!

Harmless, yet funny, which is the best kind of prank. This next group, Improv Everywhere, got a whole bunch of volunteers in blue polos and khakis to impersonate Best Buy employees. The results are below and the entire ‘mission’ is described in more detail on their website.

Know of any more good harmless pranks? Let me know in the comments!