Avengers: The Drinking Game

This does what it says on the tin. Use this as an excellent way to celebrate the release of the Avengers on blu-ray and DVD earlier this week! 😀 (Yes, I know it came out Tuesday; I was trying to be a responsible drinking mentor and postpone possible inebriation till the weekend.)

This game is possibly a little more drinking-heavy than the last one I posted, for virtue of the fact that the last one was to be played during a LotR movie marathon and the Avengers is only two and a half hours long.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, da roolz:

Before drinking, choose a character name.

Take one drink when:

  • Your character’s first or superhero name is said.
  • Clint poses.
  • Fury says a baller one-liner.
  • Natasha says ‘red in my ledger’.
  • Tony calls someone a nickname instead of their real name. (Superhero names don’t count; think “Point Break”, “Rock of Ages”, “Reindeer Games”, “Legolas.”)
  • Thor says ‘brother.’
  • Bruce calls Hulk ‘the other guy.’
  • Steve doesn’t understand modern things.
  • The Glowstick of Destiny does something. (It’s so multi-useful! It zaps! It brainwashes! It makes julienne fries!)
  • Someone says Tesseract.
  • Coulson’s an awkward fanboy.

Special rules:

  • You can try to say lines in unison with the movie, but if you fuck it up there is a three drink or one shot penalty.
  • Whenever Thor grabs Loki’s neck, drink for the duration of neck grabbing.
  • Whenever Loki monologues, drink for the duration of the monologue.
  • When Coulson ‘dies’, finish your drink. (‘Dies’ is in quotes because I refuse to accept that we’ve been Jossed and that he’s actually gone.)


And remember, as always, Lady Geek Girl and Friends does not condone alcohol poisoning, underage drinking, or collaborating with Thanos to take over Midgard.

11 thoughts on “Avengers: The Drinking Game

      • ha, hopefully with nothing extremely hard. im not getting around to it til next saturday. you gonna have chasers or beers to offset the liquor? or are you guys to hard for that?

        • We have lots of water and juice and stuff on hand, and we don’t really care what people are drinking as long as they’re drinking, haha – some people will probably drink beer all night (the no-fun people >.>) and some people might have vodka cocktails or whiskey, it’s all up to personal preference and how drunk you want to be/think you can handle. 🙂

          • well, if the no-fun people wanna drink beer all night, they can always man up a little and drink a high percentage beer. that way they arent always too far behind. i plan on drinking Cap’n Morgan Black throughout. im thinking 15 shots in, i’ll be gone. lol man, hope you guys have fun tonight. and i hope you have buckets strategically placed all around… ya know, just in case.

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