Fanfiction Fridays: Home in Motion by nomdeplume13

I usually don’t recommend works in progress but this time I’ll make an exception, because Home in Motion is awesome!

There are a couple of genres within the fanfiction community. One genre is baby fic (or family fic) where the focus is on characters suddenly having children and a family, and trying to balance that with their chaotic lives. Another genre is disability fics, these usually involve characters being injured with results in them having some sort of disability, usually something like becoming blind, mute, or paralyzed are pretty common. Rarely, have I seen a fic where a character is reinvented as already disabled.

Home in Motion turns both tropes on their head.

The fic is set in season seven, but takes Castiel’s plot line in a different direction from the end of season six. Castiel is currently working with the Winchesters and trying to redeem himself for his past mistakes, but don’t worry – this isn’t one of those fics were Dean and Sam are constantly guilt-tripping Cas. Castiel is sent to interview a witness for a case that Sam and Dean are investigating. Cas quickly interviews her, but soon discovers there is someone else is in the house, a baby.

Unlike most disability fics, it isn’t Sam, Dean, or Castiel who have any sort of disability, instead it’s the baby. The baby Castiel discovers is born with only one hand, because of this “imperfection” the mother is abusing the baby by neglecting him. Castiel convinces the mother into giving him the baby and through various angelic channels enables it to seem that Dean is the baby’s legal father. He also convinces Dean to adopt this baby, who is then named John Gabriel Winchester.

There are a couple interesting things about this fic. First and probably my favorite, the author doesn’t make little baby John’s disability a problem.

Narrow fingers pulled down the green blanket that covered the baby. “She could not see past this.” Dean saw the baby’s hand, or rather lack of one, and frowned. Poor kid. That sure as hell wasn’t going to make life easy. From the sound of it, it had already made it difficult.

“Can you heal him?”

“I have,” Cas said. “I have helped the malnutrition he suffered at her hands, as well a few skin conditions he developed from being left in his crib for many hours of the day. His hand is nothing that can be healed. It is how my Father made him.”

I find this take on disabilities refreshing. In most cases in fiction (fanfiction or not) that has some sort of magical element disabilities are always something that needs to be cured. Here Cas explains John is as God made him. He can’t be cured at least not by Castiel’s powers. The story actually shows the characters dealing and functioning with baby John’s disability.

Furthermore, the entire plot doesn’t center around baby John, which most baby fics tend to do. Though John does appear to be a key element the larger plot appears to focus on Sam and Dean’s current hunt for a pack of shifters. Adding layers of complexity to create an interesting plot.

The author also introduces an original female character who is so far pretty interesting and manages to keep it together when she is dragged into Sam and Dean’s crazy life. My only problem with this character would be that she reminds me a good bit of Sarah Blake another popular female character in Supernatural who was only in one episode, but whom often appears in fanfiction. However, this is a work in progress and this new character hasn’t been in the fic that often yet so there is more time for her to develop. The author did a good job interesting this character and building a relationship with her so that, you the reader get attached to her just as much as Sam or Dean. I’m excited to see where the author takes this character.

Currently this fic has no pairings but promises eventual Dean/Cas and Sam/Original Female Character.

So a cute baby, slash, an excellent new female character, and murderous shape-shifters! This a fic definitely worth checking out.

5 thoughts on “Fanfiction Fridays: Home in Motion by nomdeplume13

  1. I am actually the author of that story and happened to stumble across your review. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the recommendation. This story has been a labor of love and I’m so happy to see this recommendation here. Thank you!

    • I absolutely adore your story and writing style and I am beyond glad to talk to you now. It is rare that a truly love a fanfic, not just enjoy or entertained by it. I love this fic and am more than happy to recommend it to everyone I meet.

      Thank you for writing such an amazing story.

      • Thank you so much. I’m really glad that people love reading as much as I do writing it. (And I’m trying really hard not to be dorkily happy about your comment on the writing style. Let’s just say I’ve had my issues with literary snobs before.)

        I’ve taken the time since finding your blog by happenstance to read through. I’m definitely following because I love all things geeky. It’s a great site.

  2. The author of this fic is like a sister to me. I love all her writing (original and fanfiction). She isn’t just a wonderful writer, she is also a very supportive member of the online writing community. This woman helps other writers to flush out their stories and develop their characters. I’m lucky enough to get to hear much of her stories orally in discussion before they find a place on paper, so I often get a first row seat to her process. I can tell you that she is always having fun with it, and works to better herself as an author (part of why she writes fanfiction is for practice…or so she says).

    • Well sadly, I do not know the author personally (though I can now see that I would be lucky to), but I am really happy to hear that an amazing author is also an amazing person. 🙂

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