Web Crush Wednesdays: Mr. Creepy Pasta

If you’ve never heard of creepypasta, it is basically scary stories people post online. Most of these stories are told in first person and are meant to be read as though they are true accounts. You’ve surely come into contact with some of the lowest forms of creepypasta in the form of comments on YouTube or similar sites which typically end with “Repost or she will appear by your bed at midnight to cut your eyes out too!” or something similar. There are some great stories out there in the creepypasta genre though, and you can find them on YouTube, just not generally in the comments section.

You can find them on the channel of Mr. Creepy Pasta.

Mr. Creepy Pasta is a reader of these online stories and I was introduced to him by way of my college roommate’s blog NerdPop. There are many creepypasta readers on YouTube, and many great ones, but Mr. Creepy Pasta is my personal favorite. He has a very effective method of presenting these stories. He adds music and sound effects to his readings which are effectively atmospheric and typically don’t distract from the story. Sometimes I do find them a little intrusive, but overall I think they’re well-done.

The main strength of Mr. Creepy Pasta’s readings, though, is his narrative quality. He has a great skill for subtly drawing in a listener and pulling them through the story at an effective pace. He doesn’t try to sound scary as he narrates; he lets the unease settle in thanks to the story itself.

The videos range from very short (sometimes less than a minute) to very long (some are over twenty minutes long) so there’s a video for all tastes, whether you’re looking for a quick tale of fright or want a longer foray into the darkness, slowly setting the mood and leaving you tingling with an unease which lingers even after the story is over.

Of course you can simply look up creepypasta stories and read them on your own. They’re easy enough to find on various sites, but there’s something so much more personal about hearing them read which to me is more enjoyable. It’s like listening to ghost stories around a campfire, and when that story is told by Mr. Creepy Pasta you know it’s going to be good.

3 thoughts on “Web Crush Wednesdays: Mr. Creepy Pasta

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