So Wednesday night was the series premiere of Arrow, a show based off the DC comic character Green Arrow, also called Oliver Queen when he’s not out pwning the bad guys. Personally, I don’t know much about Green Arrow outside what Young Justice has taught me—he’s not Batman! Sorry!—but from what I’ve seen so far, I approve of the show. The first episode’s not without its faults, but it was exceedingly enjoyable, and it makes me want to watch more.

Our story starts with Oliver coming back to civilization after being stranded on an island for five years. All by himself. He was totally alone on that island. That’s why he now speaks Russian and has enough moves to take on Batman. He comes back as a skilled badass who’s trying to right the wrongs of his home city, while also trying to keep up appearances of debauchery in his everyday life. I guess he is kind of like Bruce Wayne in that regard.

During all this, he’s feeling guilty about a girl named Sarah, the sister of his ex-girlfriend Laurel whom he was cheating on with before their boat sunk. Sarah, like the other people he was sailing with died in that accident, and everyone, notably Sarah’s father, blame him for not saving her. Even Laurel is understandably having some issues with him about the fact.

Furthermore, Oliver’s younger sister got into drugs while he was away, and right after coming back, his mother hired people to kidnap him. So the family life he’s returned to is just a little dysfunctional. But on another note, Oliver’s nickname for his sister is Speedy.

On top of all this, Oliver’s not a good person. He was a terrible cheater before he left, and now that he’s back and we can say he might be a decent guy, he’s still shooting people with arrows. Sure, these are criminal’s he’s hospitalizing and killing, but it does make him a little more morally ambiguous when within the first ten minutes of the show he kills one of his kidnappers who all but begs him to spare his life.

Despite everything I like, though, I’m not really into the whole love-triangle thing that the show’s obviously building up to having between Oliver, Laurel, and Oliver’s best friend, but we here at Lady Geek Girl and Friends are wondering whether or not Arrow is going to go the extra step and make Laurel into Black Canary.

In fact, our conversation about that when something like this:

Lady Saika: Wondering if theyre going to make laurel actually be black canary, (laurel was played by the first ruby from Spn!) i read the free preview comic and i thought it was going to be a looot like batman but it was pretty different, and we thought that oliver must have had a monkey as a sensei because he was totally like tarzan swinging away.

MadameAce: I’ll quote you on that.

Lady Geek Girl: lol Green Tarzan! Tarzan Arrow! LOL!

Lady Saika: I was pretty eloquent just now.

MadameAce: I’m quoting this whole part of the conversation.

[Note from Lady Saika: I am at Comic Con, and I posted that on facebook via my phone.  I stand by everything I said.]

However, for as much as I like Arrow so far, due to everything it has going on for it—Stephen Amell does do a much better job at pretending to shoot arrows than Jeremy Renner does in The Avengers—I do have some issues. When you have the news go wild about the lost rich boy who was found five years after the fact and then a crazy man in a green hood with a bow comes barging into the scene, it may raise some questions. And these two things wouldn’t really connect if Oliver hadn’t happened to be “saved” by said mysterious man after being kidnapped. Or if said mysterious man didn’t disappear from robbing a corrupt businessman by hiding in Oliver’s coming home party the very next day. Which is conveniently right next door.

And maybe this also wouldn’t be a problem if Oliver didn’t have a bodyguard tailing him. Granted, he knocks the guy out, but it still might raise some issues.

Though, I think the biggest problem I have with his disguise is that his mask is made of face paint. His face has been all over the news. Anyone’s going to recognize him.

Moreover, he’s set up his secret base of operations in an abandoned warehouse in the poor part of the city. The warehouse looks like it’s surrounded by homeless people. I don’t want to be insensitive, but that might just raise a few problems.

But it’s still a good show, and I think all of you should watch it.

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  1. Great review. I agree with you about the Batman vibes that the show gives off so strongly.

    I do not think Oliver was alone on the island. The first episode showed a glimpse of a mask, that belongs to Deathstroke. At the end of the second episode, we see another man on the island.


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