Manga Mondays: Blue Exorcist Chapter 39

Rarely do we comment on a single chapter of a manga series unless it is a major flop or a major win. And while we have covered Blue Exorcist on a Manga Monday in the past, this chapter is so golden it needs its own place.

Spoilers and feels after the jump

For the last several weeks, Blue Exorcist has left me in a bit of a bind. I’ve had no idea what was going on mainly because nothing seemed to be pointing to an actual plot. It was like a disjointed Naruto filler (except much shorter) combined with D.Gray-Man confusion.

So imagine my delight when this month’s chapter came out and it was awesome as nut. Mainly, because of Mephisto, who revealed himself to be the King of Space and Time, and called himself Loki, and showed off his awesome mansion and the fact that he’s an otaku. It was a beautiful moment in time, kids, let me tell you. Especially when he started serving Rin ramen.

And when Mephisto put Rin’s full uniform on him nicely, he looked hawt. H-A-W-T.

And if you are still reading this and haven’t been keeping up with Blue Exorcist (shame on you), Rin has been thinking for the last several chapters that he’s da man. Not the man; da man. So again, imagine my delight when Mephisto reintroduced my favorite Earth King Amaimon to kick his butt. Amaimon unleashed so much power that his own body couldn’t really take it. And it was exciting as nut and made me very happy.

If you want a better perspective on how awesome this chapter was, Lady Saika sent me seven text messages over the course of her reading it. If you need some other indicating factor about how awesome this chapter was, I can’t actually help you because there are none.

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    He seems like he is going to be an awesome character.

    Also, he sort of has the general family resemblance that Rin, Yukio, Amaimon, and Mephisto share.

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