TV Review: The Neighbors

Since it’s fall, all of the major TV networks are unveiling their brand new TV shows. Today, I’m looking at the TV show called The Neighbors. It airs on ABC on Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30 central in the US. Or if you’re not into watching TV on TV, I’m sure you can find the episodes on the Internet.

This show is about a regular family that moved into a housing complex in New Jersey that just happened to be filled with aliens (wearing human suits of course). These aliens all have names of famous athletes (ex. Larry Bird, Reggie Jackson) and all wear (the same) golf clothes. The normal human family finds themselves trying to teach the aliens how to be normal human beings.

At first I was really confused and my “da hell” face came out because the entire thing was so bizarre. But as the show went on, I found myself laughing hysterically. The misunderstandings that occur are really funny. What is in a kid’s meal if it isn’t kids? And what about Manwich?

Another thing that I like is the writers aren’t afraid to write certain things. They choose to have things bleeped out or censored as opposed to not saying them at all. I have more respect for the writers for doing what they want to do. Because you know that we don’t live saying “gosh darn-it”. Even if TV feels that they can’t air bad language, by censoring they at least acknowledge that it exists.

It’s a quirky little show, and unfortunately I don’t see it sticking around since it is a little bizarre. But it’s funny and different, and if you like that in a TV show then you should check this one out.