Oh, My Pop Culture Deity: The God-Doctor

I don’t know if any of you guys write your own blogs, but have you ever had an idea for a post and while doing research on it, find everything you wanted to say already written by someone else?

Because that just happened to me with this post. And it also doesn’t help that it was written by someone who is a better writer than me.

So go read this editorial written by Stephen Kelly of The Guardian. Don’t read any more of this post until you do.

Read it? Good! Now, you don’t need to venture further than Whovian Confessions to know that people worship the Doctor. Maybe it’s because I am Catholic and firmly believe there is a God that I don’t have that desperate devotion to the Doctor like some other Whovians. But even then I think there’s something in the Doctor that God doesn’t necessarily have. The idea that the Doctor can come down and whisk you away adventures, that the Doctor can actually be a real and physical part of one’s life, is in some instances for certain people a lot better than someone who never seems to be around.

Another thing is God is not like the image on the right. The Doctor is. The Doctor is your friend; he wears 3D glasses, thinks bow-ties are cool, speaks baby and dinosaur, plays soccer, goes on crazy fun adventures, and more things that I can’t think of right now. Who wouldn’t want to be his friend (especially Eleven’s, since he has no dark side with any real bite)? Who wouldn’t want to get whisked away on an adventure with him, regardless of the dangers?

So while some of you prefer to believe in God, others will rather just stick with their friendly, neighborhood Doctor. And I don’t know that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that.

Also watch this video.