4 thoughts on “nefertiti doctor who cosplay

    • Unfortunately I have no idea how she made her costume, but if I had to guess I’d say it looks like individual foam or wooden circles painted gold and glued onto a fabric base.

  1. Hello, I’m the girl who made the costume. The gold pieces where made with foam then painted. I made a base for the corset and hot glued everything together. The fabric was just muslin I perma wrinkled by wetting it, twisting and then microwaving in short intervals making sure it won’t burn. It was still damp then I let it dry over might. The necklace is just beads sewn into a tulle base. Let me know if you have any other question.
    – Angelica

  2. Oh that is a good idea for the necklace! I have my hat done and a plan (involving spray-painted cover-buttons and fishing wire) for the bodice, but I am not a beader and while I have most of the components for that necklace, I am unsure how to make it. I never would have thought of giving it a tulle base!

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