Trailer Tuesdays: Iron Man 3

Okay, so not that I’m not excited to see Iron Man again, because I am, but I have a lot of questions for Marvel and most of those questions tend to be—why?

Why are we doing Iron Man 3?

Well, I pretty much know the answer to this. Out of all the Avengers characters Iron Man is the one who started their movie franchise, and I believe, despite the popularity of the other characters, Iron Man is still the one that makes Marvel the most money. So he gets a third movie right out the gate.

I understand wanting to start with a movie you know is going to do well, especially after The Avengers, but Tony already has two movies under his belt. So Iron Man, a straight white guy, gets a third movie, but Black Widow isn’t going to get her own movie until after the second Avengers movie. Excuse me! Let’s give all the guys second and third movies before the next Avengers, but one movie for our only current female Avenger? No, that can’t happen. Let’s not be ridiculous here. Other movies like the one based on the Runaways series, which would include several minority characters, lesbian characters, a transgender character, and a Marvel team mostly comprised of women, keep getting pushed back. Casting started for Runaways ages ago, but got delayed because of The Avengers. Which is understandable, but after Marvel’s Comic Con announcements didn’t even mention that they were going to continue to work on Runaways I am starting to worry that the movie is doomed to never be made. And other comic book heroes that would add some diversity to our Avengers cast, like Black Panther, the first black superhero, aren’t even being talked about.

Of course! No movies with women, LGBTQ characters, or racially diverse characters, because Marvel has to make some more movies about rich white guys.

Speaking of racially diverse characters, this next question brings me to our trailer. Why Mandarin?

The Mandarin is kind of racist… if not a lot racist. So, we are going to have a movie where the whole time a rich white guy is going to fight a rich Chinese guy who is trying to take over the world. Wow, talk about lack of tact. And really, let’s be honest, there is going to be another Avengers movie, so clearly Tony Stark comes out of this okay. So basically, I am going to watch a movie where a rich white guy beats up a Chinese terrorist the whole time.

Ha, take that, China. Our economic policies are totally going to beat yours. Watch as Iron Man demonstrates.

In my personal opinion, Mandarin is one of those characters that should been left in the vaults of comic-book history. He’s a character whose personality and villainy is largely built based on his race. Everything about being very stereotypically Chinese defines him. Why are we still using this character? And just from a money standpoint, isn’t Marvel really isolating Asian audiences, especially when The Avengers had such a large market in China?

Then there is the fact that Ben Kingsley is going to play Mandarin. Ben Kingsley, originally named, Krishna Pandit Bhanji, is an amazing actor (watch Gandhi), but should he even be playing Mandarin? Ben Kingsley’s mother is British and his father is a Gujarati Indian from Kenya. So… not Chinese, which is weird, considering that there are many Asian actors who could have played this role. The only thing I can think is that Marvel is trying to make his race ambiguous to avoid the yellow peril stereotypes in the character’s history, but the character’s name is the Mandarin. It’s kind of hard to avoid that.

Other than that (which is a lot), the trailer looks great. It appears that the movie is following Batman‘s lead to have the third movie really destroy the lead character so that it is all the more impressive when he does succeed. Either way, this movie looks like it is going to be tough on Tony.

Despite my criticisms, I am excited for this movie and do plan on seeing it, but I am worried that the choice of villain is ultimately going to hurt the movie and its fanbase. And after this, Marvel, let’s give Iron Man a bit of a rest so you can take care of some other characters.

9 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: Iron Man 3

  1. What are your thoughts on the fact that Pepper is exclusively a victim throughout this trailer?
    (Also, do you think those dirty bare feet and ripped pants belong to Bruce?)

    • Well, Pepper has always been a pretty strong and awesome female character in the movies thus far. Out of three movies, if this is the first time she is being held hostage for Iron Man to save I’m fine with that. However, it depends on how they do it. I don’t think Pepper would just give up. She is smart and brave. We have seen that in every movie. If she is kidnapped I think Pepper needs to be actively trying to free herself, maybe she succeeds maybe she doesn’t, but it’s in her character to at least try.

      (I’m not sure, but I’m really hoping for a Bruce cameo.)

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  3. Haha…I also blogged about this trailer 🙂 though mine was more observation-based and not really a ‘why’ post. I agree with lots of things here; particularly the Runaways! Ughh! They’re so great! Why doesn’t anybody just hurry up and make a movie of it? Jeez! -__- anyway, still super excited for this movie! 🙂

  4. I don’t mind another Iron Man movie, but I can’t believe they’re putting Ant Man in front of Black Widow. He’s not even part of the team yet! That’s the most trivial issue with him though.

    To me, it seems like they avoided casting an Asian actor as The Mandarin (and if that’s the case, I’m glad – China gets enough bad press from the news). I remember hearing about Andy Lau was supposed to play an ally to Tony before he dropped out, and now Wang Xueqi is listed as playing Radioactive Man. I hope him not being in the trailer just means that he’s going to be a surprise, instead of a really minimal role. You never know.

    • I totally just realized I repeated what you said about The Mandarin’s casting. Being tired makes me forget what I read. ^^;;

      • See I think the mixing of Mandarin’s race is even worse. He has the traditional Chinese hair style and dress, but looks Arab (Ben Kingsley’s father, Wikipedia tells me, is Muslim so that makes sense), so really it’s going to be Iron Man beating up an Arab/Chinese guy… I just don’t know. Plus, his name is the Mandarin! LOL! I just think the villain choice is problematic all the way around.

        I had not heard that Radioactive Man is going to be in it!! That’s super exciting! Thanks for informing me of that! I also hope he has a larger role and not a small side one. Radioactive Man was always an interesting character.

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