The Lord of the Rings Family Tree

The LotR Project is a giant family tree of everyone in Tolkien-dom. I would say Middle Earth, but that would be rather limiting. In addition, it has a timeline with a map feature showing where and when everything took place, and a map of character movement (specifically from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) and important event locations.

In addition, and this is my favorite part, is a page on Middle Earth statistics. It describes the population by race and sex, life expectancy, age distribution of the characters by race, Middle Earth’s population by year, the decline in longevity for Men (the race, not the gender), the oldest and youngest of each race, and a graph showing the number of miles parties in The Hobbit and the Trilogy traveled in a day.

I’m a Tolkien fan, don’t get me wrong, but this is absolutely crazy. Why do I need to know how many miles Sam and Frodo traveled in a day, every day? Never! And as much as I love math and find the statistics section to be very enlightening, I would absolutely never desire to be the one to put it together.

So if you love math and statistical things and The Lord of the Rings, I found you a present! Again, here is the link to the LotR Project for y’all to check out for yourselves.