Lady Geek Girl and Friends Urges You to Get Out and Vote!

We’re an American site, run by American folks, and most of our views come from American readers. (That doesn’t mean we don’t love you too, one reader from Djibouti that one time, but this post isn’t really relevant to the non-Americans among out readership.)

Basically, if you are an eighteen years or older American citizen who has not committed a felony (or has got their rights restored), you should be registered to vote, and you should be doing so today. It’s your duty as an American to exercise the right that so many brave men and women have died to protect.

I don’t care if you vote for Obama, or Romney, or a third party candidate, or goddamn Vermin Supreme. If you don’t know where to go to vote, go here to put in your address and find out. Not sure if you’re eligible? File a provisional ballot at your local polling place. Go. Out. And. Vote. All the complaining in the world won’t make a damn bit of difference if you don’t. Your vote does matter. This is your chance to take a stand.

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8 thoughts on “Lady Geek Girl and Friends Urges You to Get Out and Vote!

  1. While I am not exactly sure; I think that in some states a felon may be able to vote providing he has/she has paid the price. The “debt to society usually being many years in prison”. Having “paid’ it is considered “paid in full” in some states and voting rights can be restored. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. Phillip

  2. I like and applaud your post. I note you do not identify the ‘geek’ in the photo or credit it to anyone. She looks a lot like Jane Russell who starred in Howard Hughes’ THE OUTLAW in 1943. She was anything but a geek.C

    • I just found that photo on my facebook news feed, so I hadn’t any clue who it was. Further research says she is in fact Jane Russell, so I’ll fix the post to identify her. But I have to point out – I never claimed she was or wasn’t a geek!

      • I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. And you’re splitting RCHs. It is probably a shock to you but 5/6th of the world’s population are not facebook followers.

        I think a much better post would have been a picture of Uncle Sam.

        • I didn’t mean to imply that my feelings were hurt – I was just pointing out where I found it, and that it wasn’t credited there.
          I would, however, appreciate if you wouldn’t use turns of phrase that include gendered slurs or insult my intelligence in response.
          I am confused, though, how is a picture of Uncle Sam more or less relevant than Jane Russell? Neither of them are geeky, and, as our blog is devoted to issues of gender representation among other things, a lady voting seems -more-relevant to me.

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