Top 10 Fictional Geek Presidents

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the day after a long and arduous election year. We are all tired and maybe upset about who won or maybe not (depending on your preference), but we are least glad it’s over.

So my geeky friends, no matter who won or lost, did you ever look back at the candidates and think “God, these guys suck—I wish this character from my comic book was real and running for President!”?

Well, we decided to have our own election! These are Lady Geek Girl and Friends‘ Top 10 Fictional Geek Presidents!

10. Lex Luthor (Superman; DC Comics):

Well… he used to be President. So Lex Luthor is evil and you can’t really trust him, but that’s how I hear most people describe many of the current politicians in office now. You can at least count on Lex to give a boost to big business, expand the army, and he could probably reduce the national debt with money from his own pocket. Though he might devote much of America’s resources to taking out Superman and the Justice League…

9. Christine Colgate aka The Jackal (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels):

We as Americans have a huge problem: the mounting national debt. Now some politicians will claim that they can solve the problem by cutting social services, but who wants that? With Christine, it’s no problem; she can guarantee that she can get rid of the national debt (by increasing revenue) without raising taxes or cutting social programs. With a good head on her shoulders, she can get the US out of any difficulty that can possibly arise. And if you want someone who can restore bipartisanship with class, Colgate is your girl. So if you are looking for a candidate who can solve your problems, Christine Colgate is your lady.

8. Nico Minoru (Marvel Comics; Runaways):

Nico is an Asian-American, a Catholic, and witch. She is also a teenager and technically can’t run for office yet, but give her a couple of years and she’ll be one hell of a president. Nico has a strong support for gay marriage and LGBTQ+ rights in general. She’ll take a tough stance on crime and maybe even aid the police/army in stopping any crime she sees with her awesome magical powers. Nico can also guarantee more rights to young adults and children, especially for those whose parents are abusive (or evil villains as the case may be).

7. America (Hetalia):

America should be the President of America. He’s enthusiastic, he loves all Americans, regardless of whether you’re human or not, and he can make the impossible possible. If you are a fan of aggressive foreign policy, America is definitely your man. In fact, no one knows more about foreign policy better than America. He has met all of the other countries, after all. So if you want someone who’ll take a stand against England and France’s squabbling (if he doesn’t get sucked in himself), fight against all hostile alien invaders, and share the secrets of Roswell, you want America. America is a great leader, and that is something that the United States desperately needs.

6. Jason Lee Scott (Original Red Power Ranger):

A Tried and True Leader—with the discipline and strength of character that only a lifelong devotion to the Martial Arts can foster, Jason Lee Scott is the leader for a stronger America. Never one to back down in the face of a challenge, he will make the decisions necessary to bring America to the top of the world’s nations once again. His experience working toward peace internationally shows an attitude of service and willingness to work with people of all cultures for a better future. Let Jason Lee Scott put the red back in the red, white, and blue!

5. Bobby Singer (Supernatural):

Bobby Singer is running as an Independent because all those other parties are full of a bunch of damn fool idjits! If you ever longed for a true grassroots candidate, well then, look no further than Bobby Singer. With Bobby Singer you’d probably see a lot less mysterious deaths throughout the country. He would also fix our education by making it mandatory for everyone to learn Latin (but not for any religious reasons). Bobby Singer would also try to push for a bill that would make salting and burning all deceased mandatory. Bobby is intelligent and understands really what’s wrong with this country, and it isn’t the national debt. It’s demons.

4. Tony Stark (Iron Man; The Avengers; Marvel Comics):

Tony Stark successfully privatized world peace and is currently the leading name in green energy. Foreign policy and armies are a thing of the past. All Tony needs to keep our nation safe is his Iron Man suit and the Avengers. He’s confident that soon he’ll be able to provide self-sustaining green energy. Tony is moderately concerned about the national debt, but he’s not too worried about that. After all, he’ll just have Pepper take a look at it. He’s confident she can work the whole thing out.

3. Pepper Potts (Iron Man; The Avengers; Marvel Comics):

If she could handle Iron Man, she can certainly handle this country. Pepper has experience handling a big business, giving her insider knowledge on both business and economics and enabling her to work out a great economic plan for the country. Pepper has dealt with Tony Stark, S.H.I.E.LD., and the Avengers in the past, making her an extremely capable negotiator and diplomat. Her biggest claim would be to promote bipartisanship. Pepper has always dealt with a lot, so whether it’s secret government agencies or Tony Stark, Pepper is certain she can get America back on track.

2. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time):

Emma Swan has a background as a bounty hunter and as the town sheriff of Storybrooke. Sure, she has a bit of a criminal past, but that was when she was young and foolish—it’s behind her now. Emma knows what it’s like to be in a male-dominated profession and to have people judge her and underestimate her because of her sex, so she is confident she can handle the male-dominated world of politics. Being a single mom, she has a strong care and concern for women, and knows what’s necessary to enable them to have and make the right choices. Emma Swan would also push for reform of foster care, having experienced the hardships of being in the system herself. Furthermore, not only will Emma never lie to you, but she can also tell whether others lie to her. A useful tool in the political world.

And our Number 1 fictional Geek President is…

1. Steve Rogers (Captain America, The Avengers, Marvel Comics):

How can you beat a guy with America in his name and dresses in the flag on a daily basis? Steve Rogers is a decorated war veteran who punched out Hitler! Though Steve Rogers is a man of action who isn’t afraid to fight when necessary, he also isn’t the type to blindly jump into a war either. Captain America would expand the army, while also being an excellent diplomat, and he always has the Avengers on his side for back up if he needs them. At heart, Steve Rogers is a blue collar guy who really understands the problems and hardships of the working class and vows to help them with their struggles. Some people might think Steve is a little old-fashioned, but hey, maybe that’s what we need right now. Steve Rogers is a man of the people, for the people, and he’s our number one pick for U.S. president.

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  1. I liked this! But I think Superman would be a great president truth justice and the American way!

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