The Road So Far: Southern Comfort Review


Garth makes his glorious return, more about Amelia is revealed, and Sam and Dean fight instead of talking to each other. Just another day in Supernatural (and, oh yeah, this is a review of “Southern Comfort.”)

Garth! Garth is the new Bobby. Let me say it again, Garth is the new Bobby! Whoever decided that that needed to happen deserves a gold star, because that is utterly brilliant, perfect, pure, and beautiful. Garth literally grew on me. When he first appeared I didn’t think I would like him, but man that guy is just too funny. I love that he constantly tried to get Sam and Dean to open up about their feelings, that he told off Dean for attacking him like Bobby is only for him and Sam, and I especially love the insights into Garth’s past. He killed the Tooth Fairy… I don’t even know.

So Garth is objectively perfect. What about Amelia?

I’m already seeing people online saying that Amelia is boring. Stop it! Amelia is an interesting and dynamic character, and has so far been giving us our theme in almost every episode. Amelia is shaping Sam’s entire story and perspective right now. Without Amelia we just have Sam sitting in a hotel with a dog. That being said, I would like if Amelia became a bigger part of Sam’s life as a hunter. As I said last week, Sam and Dean will never settle down for a normal life. If they do it’s probably because it’s the last season and the show is over. So for Amelia to survive and not be killed or written off, she needs to become a part of the Supernatural universe, and not just Sam’s last hope for a normal life. ((And yes, I totally just paraphrased a line from The Dark Knight.))

Sam and Dean are pissed because they betrayed each other and aren’t talking about their problems! Must be Wednesday. Part of me wants to say this is old hat, and the writers need to try something new, but secret-keeping and pent-up rage seems to be the Winchester way. It’s less a reused plot device and more a part of Sam and Dean’s characters. However, I would really like to see Sam and Dean grow up a bit. All of their drama stems from keeping things from each other and then resenting each other for those things. Now, if there was no drama the show would be boring, but there are other ways to write drama in the show. But then, betraying brothers and forgetting about brothers is a key Winchester trait.

My only real complaint is that the specter’s whole backstory was that his brother betrayed him so now he’s this vengeful spirit. This is something we have seen a lot on the show, and while I love having character foils, Sam and Dean constantly conveniently run into bad guys with brother issues. I get it is supposed to reflect Sam and Dean’s own struggles, but this happens so often in the show I’m starting to wonder if brothers in history ever haven’t betrayed each other.

Other than that, I think this was another amazing episode—and we finally got some rock music back, which has been sorely lacking recently. And some good old fashioned Supernatural gore, which is always nice.

But of course, my excitement is less for this episode and more for next week’s because….

Cas is back!

Looking forward to next week, SPN fans.

2 thoughts on “The Road So Far: Southern Comfort Review

  1. although this was a great episode (and btw I really love your reviews) there is one thing about this season that starts bothering me: the flashbacks. ok, we all want to know what happened in the last year, but everytime one of the brothers is starting to look deeply in a mirror an inner voice in my head starts to shout: “PLEASE NO FLASHBACK, PLEASE NO FLASHBACK!”. I mean the writers could solve that in another way. there could be one episode with a lot of flashbacks and the next one could be just a “normal” episode, where the main story is going forward. hope that will change soon!

    • While I do like the flashbacks I think there is a way to do flashbacks right and a way to do them wrong.

      First, i agree you always need breaks from flashbacks. Episodes with no flashbacks whatsoever. The only episode so far that we have seen that is “Bitten.” Which was good, but we might be do for another one soon.

      There is also the way to do flashbacks right. The best flashback so far was when Dean was interrogating a man here and at the same time remembering how he interrogated a monster to find Cas. It doesn’t stop the story. It flows with the story and, added depth and character development to Dean. “Blood Brothers” also had so pretty good flashbacks that didn’t halt the storytelling.

      But this last episode, Sam literally stopped somewhere and had a flashback. The whole story came to a grinding halt for the flashback. Flashbacks should inform or heighten the current story, not stop it completely. There was even an instant that Garth noticed Sam literally stop to have a flashback. I kept imagining Sam saying, “Sorry Garth, just having a flashback.”

      So yeah, while I like them this last episode certainly did a poor job with featuring them.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the reviews! Thanks so much for commenting. This was something I wanted to discuss but completely forgot to so thank you for pointing it out.

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