First Look at the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

Here it is, folks! I know you’re probably complaining already about the preponderance of Christmas music, Christmas decorations, and annoyingly Christmas-themed commercials on TV since it isn’t even Thanksgiving. Here’s something that, despite its Christmassy nature, will put you in the holly jolly spirit right away. Roll clip!

So what do you think? What’s up with Clara? I spotted Sontarans, and Madame Vastra! And does anyone else think Moffat’s been reading Calvin and Hobbes?


And if that just wasn’t enough for you, here’s a dramatic and tone-setting prequel clip as well:

3 thoughts on “First Look at the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

  1. The special confirms what I already assumed would happen. Seems all his f*cks disappeared with the Ponds. Who can really blame him? He hadn’t lost any companions this run-through of Who. He lost Rose but she came back with a vengeance like a bad case of herpes (I don’t care much for Rose). Her story was resolved. He got closure with her. Amy and Rory are the companions he couldn’t save. Whose deaths were completely out of his hands. No control. It has to be deeply affecting him. Warping him in some manner. I assume Jenna’s character, Oswin, will bring some kind of closure to him or at least try to. Either way, Christmas is going to be awesome this year. Doctor Who and Les Mis. Santa knew what he was doing this year.

    • I totally get what you mean. (And even as a huge Rose fan and Ten/Rose shipper, I still thought the constant Rose-ification of the storyline got pretty overdone by the end.) I just hope this ‘retired’ thing is played well. A lot of the times we’ve seen Eleven angry before it’s just come off as a childish temper tantrum, and I hope this brings a little more depth to the character.

      And yes. I cannot wait for this or Les Mis. I sometimes just scroll through pages of Les Mis photosets on tumblr and have feels. I may not survive the actual movie experience.

      • I hope so too. Although I do feel Eleven has had some surprisingly deep moments that made him, in my opinion, more defined than the others. Though this might be Eleven’s last series so he’s probably going to go through all the feels in a timely, entertaining manner.

        As for Les Mis, I definitely already had some feels. I watched that trailer where Anne Hathaway as Fantine sings my favorite song out of the line up, “I Dreamed A Dream” and a montage of clips ensues during. You could feel the hopelessness in her voice and see the despair in all her features as she sang. Hard feels. It’ll be ten times worst during the entirety of the film. At least I’m certain it’ll be a good movie.

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