So Many Dumb Ways to Die!

During one of my many wanderings around the internet  I found this obscenely cheerful video made by Melbourne, Australia’s Metro Trains, and Tangerine Kitty. It is (obviously) about why it is important to be safe around trains. Unlike many educational safety videos this one was very entertaining to both watch and listen to. The audience not only hears about dangerous situations but actually sees the catastrophes happen. The little injured cartoon people smile and dance with their dismembered body parts and cheerfully sing the catchy tune while the body count continues to steadily rise with each chorus. Not content with talking about just train safety, they also dispense advice about red button curiosity, and attempting to fly an airplane without a pilot license among others. And damn if it isn’t one of the funniest tunes I’ve ever heard. So take a listen, mate; you just might learn something.

Warning: Singing this song out loud will likely confuse and frighten people if they have not heard the song before, so don’t be stingy about sharing ‘kay?

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