Web Crush Wednesdays: xkcd

You know that moment when you’re wondering what to do for a Web Crush and you suddenly have an idea, but assume it’s already taken because it’s such a perfectly awesome idea and then realize that it is not taken? It’s a wonderful moment you guys.

So this week’s Web Crush is xkcd, an online webcomic by Randall Munroe that focuses on a variety of topics; many of them cover science, the internet, and personal relationships. Ususally the comic updates update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Everyone is a stick figure and there aren’t any reoccurring characters, so you don’t have to start from a beginning or anything like that. You can just go to the website and enjoy, which is what I really like about it. I never remember to check it so I can just scroll through comics whenever.

So rather than me ranting about how awesome it is, I’m just going to tell you to go to xkcd.com!

3 thoughts on “Web Crush Wednesdays: xkcd

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