The Road So Far: “Citizen Fang” Season 8 Midseason Review



It’s here! The midseason review of Supernatural! As midseason reviews go it was not as super awesome mega exciting as I prefer my midseason finales to be, but it was a good episode overall. It explores Dean’s relationship with Benny more and further delves into Sam’s relationship with Amelia.

So let’s take a quick look at “Citizen Fang” and then I’ll discuss how season eight has progressed, and what I hope will happen in the future.

So first, I just want to say that I love that there has been rock music in the show recently. That has been sorely lacking the past couple of seasons and episodes, and seeing a return of awesome music in some of the more recent episodes makes me beyond happy, as I think the music really sets the mood of the show.

Benny continues to be an awesome and interesting character. I loved that we got to see his great-great—I don’t remember how many greats—granddaughter and his relationship with her. I’m further pleased that Benny ended up not being “Dean’s Ruby.” I was really worried about that. Instead, we have an interesting dilemma; Benny killed someone to defend himself and his… relative. In the real world Benny has a good case since he was simply defending himself. In Dean and Sam’s little hunter world, it boils down to this: Benny is a vampire and he killed a human. It’s interesting to see Sam and Dean’s roles reversed as Sam is typically the one to defend the monsters (to defend people who are different) and Dean usually holds the party line taught to him by his father. Now Dean has grown and is more able to just non-humans, whereas Sam’s past experiences like Ruby have left him jaded about non-humans.

Amelia continues to be uninteresting. I’m trying, SPN, I really am! But you have to give me something to work with. Amelia seems nice, but just nice. Dean gets an awesome vampire companion and Sam has just a normal everyday woman. I know I quoted Batman in one of my reviews before, but SPN writers, stop writing female characters that are nothing more than Sam or Dean’s last hope for a normal life. It’s really not as interesting as you guys think it is.

Oh, and I just want to express my rage that after a good pro-woman scene, we got a negative scene. Chances are many of you missed it. Now let me say that while I don’t think Sam or Dean are sexist, they do seem to hold traditional roles for women and also seem to constantly feel the need to protect women even if the women don’t need that protecting. This often causes them to take away the choices of the women they date. Like, Dean takes away Lisa and Ben’s choice about staying with him or dealing with demons attacking them and instead just has Cas wipe their memory (damnit, Dean)! In this episode, Sam and Amelia’s husband Don chat about the screwy situation they are now in. Don says that really it’s not up to them who Amelia chooses to be with, but that it’s Amelia’s choice and that they should respect whatever decision she makes. This was awesome and stressed that Amelia has a say in her own life and relationships. However, this choice is taken away from Amelia a scene later when Sam leaves and tells Amelia she should stay with Don (damnit, Sam). Seriously, Sam, what did Don just talk to you about?! Now Sam has run into Amelia again and, as much as I’m annoyed that Amelia’s story so far isn’t interesting, I really want to see Amelia tell Sam off by telling him to let her make her own decisions.

Okay, enough review of the episode; let’s talk about the season so far.

So usually how I can tell if I like a season or not is how many episodes are dedicated to the actual overall plot of the season and how much are filler. So far it seems there is an even number of plot-driven episodes and filler episodes. However, on top of that, almost every episode has kept with the theme of free will versus responsibility. The filler episodes that didn’t always deal with the main plot at least always dealt with the subplot of Dean’s time in Purgatory or Sam’s time with Amelia.

I’m glad that Sam and Dean have finally gotten a network of supporting characters to work with and that will all hopefully survive. The only thing I would ask is for a couple more female characters. If Naomi and Amelia end interesting/good guys that would be awesome, but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Now on to my suggestions for the rest of the season:

– Make Amelia interesting. If she is not a hunter have her become one and follow Sam and Dean around.

– If Naomi is not going to be a good guy can we please have a female character that is connected to Sam and Dean’s world, either a sweet female hunter or supernatural female character? Please!

– More Kevin and Mrs. Tran. It seems that this is definitely going to happen, but I feel it needs to be said anyway.

– If we are bringing back past characters (like Martin) can we bring back some other ones like Missouri, or Claire and Amelia Novak? Especially since Claire probably saw someone who looked like her father on TV declaring himself God last season. I feel like Claire and Amelia should definitely come looking for Cas and inquire what happened to Jimmy. Bela should also make an appearance in a new vessel as a demon. We know Bela is in hell, and it seems odd that Crowley wouldn’t use her to get more info on the Winchesters. Also, it would add a lot of issues for Sam and Dean who would see finally what happened to Bela and how she really is a victim that they couldn’t save.

– Chuck should also make a return appearance. Hopefully, not as God, but rather have it discovered that he’s the Metatron.

– I want some scene between Cas, Benny, and Dean. It’s very interesting to see the war buddy bond between Dean and Benny. But I would like to know if Benny and Cas also developed a bond, especially after Benny saved Castiel’s life.

– Oh, and you know what other character should return to the show—ADAM MILLIGAN! Who is still being tortured in hell by Michael and Lucifer! Do Sam and Dean not realize that if they close the gates of hell forever they lose Adam—for forever?! Come on guys, this show is supposed to be about family!

See you next time, idjits!