NCIS with Alex Kingston

alex kingstonOn November 27th, Alex Kingston had a guest-starring role on NCIS as a character named Miranda Pennebaker. On the episode entitled “Gone”, she played a trafficker of expensive goods, whether they be weapons or gems. However, in this episode, she helped Gibbs track down a human trafficker and save a sixteen-year-old girl. She plays a real femme fatale, that’s for sure.

Kingston tends to play very similar characters. In Upstairs Downstairs, Doctor Who, and now in NCIS, she has had very similar personalities. All of them were quite sassy, very witty, and gives everyone a run for their money and I would complain if she were only okay at it, but she is so good at playing her part that I’m not even going to complain a little bit.

I’m really glad that she was cast on NCIS: as one of the most watched shows on TV, it draws a lot of attention to Kingston and to the other things she stars in, like Doctor Who. We all know that Doctor Who has quality actors, but it would be awfully nice if the rest of the world knew that too.

So tell your kids, tell your wife, and tell your husband too (and anyone else you want to) that Alex Kingston is amazing.

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  1. She played a psychiatrist in CSI, and while the role was small and not the most exciting, she was still pretty compelling to watch. What really caught me off-guard was seeing her as Mrs. Bennet in Lost in Austen. Now that was a complete 180 from River!

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