Cosplay Questions: Wigs

roy mustang cosplay

This is me as Roy Mustang.

Okay everybody, here’s an important question: how do you select your wig?

I’m addressing this question under the assumption that you do not want to cut/dye/restyle your hair for every different costume. And if you are doing three costumes a weekend, that’s impossible.

But let’s say getting away with your real hair is a possibility for a costume, do you buy the wig anyway? Well if you have long hair, thick hair, or a big head, then wigs are not going to be your best friend. So if any (or all if you’re me) apply to you, then skip the wig when possible.

Things to keep in mind: If you are going for the wig and do have a lot of hair and/or a big head there are some ways to work around that. There are things called wig caps, they are made of stocking material and are used to hide/contain your real hair under a wig. Good hair styles for that are a low pony tail, a braid, or a low bun. Do not go for a higher hair style because it makes the wig sit funny on your head. Bobby pins are also your friends and can be used for keeping your hair under your wig, keeping your wig cap in place, and keeping your wig in place. In addition, the nicer wigs also have adjustable straps to keep your wig on your head.

Now, I’m going to point out the obvious, but if you are looking for a Sebastian Michaelis wig and you find a Sebastian Michaelis wig, you should probably consider buying it. But if you are me and tend to cosplay as more minor/less popular characters, you’re not going to find a wig. What wig you want also has a lot to do with how much you want to style it yourself (or have a great friend style for you). If you are comfortable doing the styling yourself, then you have a larger selection of wigs to choose from. If you’re not, then you need to be more selective.

Now how much should your wig cost? Unless you are going for a very long wig or the crème-de-la-crème of wigs, it shouldn’t cost more than $20–$25. For my group and me, we usually wind up not using wigs more than once or twice. So unless you are planning on doing one cosplay for the rest of your life, I wouldn’t recommend spending more than that on a wig.

Long wig hair is not your friend. Artificial hair tends to go wherever it wants, unlike real hair that stays grouped with the rest of the hair on your head. I learned that lesson the hard way, so if you are uncomfortable cutting a wig yourself, then go for as short as possible.

amaimon cosplay

And this is me as Amaimon.

If you are really uncomfortable styling wigs yourself, it does limit who you can cosplay a little bit. For example, when you order an Amaimon (from Blue Exorcist) wig, it does not come with the spike in it; you’re going to need to do that yourself. And if you are that afraid to touch a wig, you should not cosplay as Amaimon.

I’d like to say I could give you more wig advice, but as someone who does not style them myself (I have a great friend who takes care of that) I have no more pointers to give. So happy wig hunting!