My Little Pony: Bad Seeds, Bad Magic, and Bad Dreams

Lady Bacula: My Little Pony just keeps getting away from us, you guys. Although to be fair, when I went to watch the “One Bad Apple” episode the day it aired it hadn’t been uploaded to the internet yet. Also, spoilers will probably occur.

Anyway, In “One Bad Apple”, Apple Bloom’s cousin from Manehattan comes to visit. Her cousin, Babs, doesn’t have a cutie mark either and gets invited to join up with the Crusaders. She declines and decides hanging out with Diamond Tiara and her friend instead. To get back at her for being a bully, the Cutie Mark Crusaders hatch a devious plan.

When this episode started, I thought that Babs was transgender. Honest to goodness, she sounded like Joey Wheeler from the Yu-Gi-Oh! dub.

Lady Saika: I honestly didn’t think either of those things, but I’d have been very surprised if MLP had decided to have a Very Special Episode out of nowhere. Not that I’d complain! I’d love to see a trans character in a kids’ show. But I don’t think MLP is going to be the place we see him or her.

I dunno, I am not the hugest CMC fan, so I didn’t really dig this episode that much. The musical number was cute, but it also reminded me a lot of “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo” chase-scene song.

Now let’s talk about “Magic Duel”, aka the return of the Great and Powerful Trixie. This episode had Trixie trying to get revenge using a magic amulet, but the amulet takes control of her instead, and Twilight has to get help from Zecora to solve the problem.

Lady Bacula: I personally thought it was a little forced. Was I happy to see Trixie back? Yes, but that pony could have been anypony. And I know this was the amulet’s fault, but she wasn’t very Trixie-ish.

Lady Saika: I definitely thought the best (and most Trixie-ish) part was the throwaway line about “The Great and Powerful Trixie does not need wheels!”

Other things I liked? Well, even though Twilight’s magic was fake, it was cool to see what canon thinks gender-swapped Applejack looks like. Also, since the Ponyville crowd seems to be based on Western society, it was neat that we got to see more of Zecora in this episode as well as the ponies from Saddle Arabia, who looked really cool! I want to know more about the Saddle Arabian ponies!

What about “Sleepless in Ponyville”? This one featured Scootaloo, who wants to get Rainbow Dash to be her big sister figure (since Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle have AJ and Rarity) on a Cutie Mark Crusaders camping trip. But Scootaloo is scared of the scary stories Dash tells, and is even more scared that RD won’t like her anymore if she admits she’s afraid.

Lady Bacula: My favorite part was Luna showing up. I’m not even her biggest fan and I really appreciated her inclusion. She was the only one who could have given Scootaloo the courage she needed to say she was scared.

Lady Saika: It might have been that I was watching it while tired, but I was sort of confused by this episode (or at least by the end). Was that bit where RD showed up and scared off the ghost-pony a dream? If so, wouldn’t it have been better to show Scootaloo standing up to it herself? If not, doesn’t that negate the whole part of the episode that the stories were just stories? Idk.

Also, I have never been a shipper of ponies, but I am getting an Applejack/Rarity vibe from this season for some reason? They seem to be interacting a lot more (and being more friendly) than I remember them doing in previous seasons, and in general they’ve been featured a lot. Like, Fluttershy hasn’t even had an episode, and AJ and Rarity seem to be on screen a lot. Hell, even the Cutie Mark Crusaders have had two eps to themselves.

Lady Bacula: I’ve always thought this about Fluttershy, but it’s worse this season: her character is all over the place. One second she is hiding in the Forbidden Forest from Pinkie Pie and the next she’s afraid to go into the forest during the reign of Trixie. And whatever happened to not being a push-over and that Iron Will episode? Did she just forget that she is supposed to have a spine?

Lady Saika: In conclusion, I’m really feeling sort of meh about season three. The brony shout-outs seem half-assed, the characterization sort of sucks ass, and the plot twists have included far too many ass-pulls. I’m still waiting for a really great episode on the level of “Lesson Zero”, “Luna Eclipsed”, or “A Canterlot Wedding”, but I’m not holding my breath either.