Sexualized Saturdays: My 2013 Wishlist

This time next week, we will be staring down the road known as 2013. For some, this road will be filled with new twists and turns. For others, it will be the best year they’ve ever lived.

Personally, I’m excited to see where the geek genre goes from here. I’m hoping for a couple big changes in the genre. But the three biggest things that I hope to see all have something related; they all involve sexual identity concepts.

1.) A solid lesbian couple in comic books

To my knowledge, I can only think of Batwoman as the only openly-lesbian superhero in the two major comic book universes

*checks internet*

Okay, Batwoman and Renee Montoya, also known as The Question. It seems that these two are the only lesbians in superheroes. And it looks like that was retconned out of New 52 in favor of an on-again-off-again relationship between Batwoman and GCPD officer Maggie Sawyer.

Why is that? I mean, I would think a lesbian couple would be very acceptable to the equal rights hounds that are comic book writers. Wait, that’s not true? Some are sexist pigs? In that case… that makes no sense.

Okay, so the male-driven comic book writers like putting women superheroes in skimpy costumes but won’t write them gay? Are they supposed to all lust over the boy’s club?

I’m not asking this because I want it to be butchered. I would love for a strong lesbian couple to kick ass, take names, and be gay, in that order. But that’s not how it would be written. So just create the couple, let the fanbase get up in arms about the complete lack of respect towards women, and then fix the problem. By moving on the obvious path this will take, we get closer to actual change in comics.

Speaking of which, I would also love if:

2.) Female superheroes got actual uniforms

We as a staff have touched on this several times, the most recent being Luce’s post discussing the Hawkeye Initiative. I won’t go deep into this, but let me just say I, along with my fellow writer, feel that the costumes women superheroes wear are not even remotely close to comfortable crime-fighting attire, and should be allowed to have real costumes. I’m willing to let this be a slow process, but Starfire is going to catch a cold in her current suit.

3.) A gay superhero in a movie 

This one will not happen this year. I doubt it will happen in this half of the decade. But I think it’s time for a gay superhero to headline a movie.

I don’t think it needs to be a Marvel/DC-backed superhero, either. It would be fine to create a new superhero who has to deal with some unseen force, and just happens to be gay. It doesn’t need to be the focus. But it should be out there.

I know there are some out there who don’t feel a gay superhero can be marketed. For one, that movie would come up under heavy scrutiny in countries with laws against homosexuality. To that, I reply, “Who cares?”

I quote this statistic a lot, but multiple studies show that the gay/lesbian population is somewhere around 10-15 percent, with some studies saying as high as 20 percent. This means that one in every 10 human superheroes should be gay. We aren’t even close to that. A superhero movie with a gay main character could make serious waves in how we view homosexuality.

That’s it, for now. Tomorrow, I finish 2012 by talking about religion in Battlestar Galactica. Should be riveting.

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  1. Agreed, agreed, and agreed again. For the first, I was actually happy with Karolina and Xavin from The Runaways, though that one’s a little complicated…have to agree several times with the Starfire thing (and I wild gladly like to point out that Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel and now Captain Marvel, got a less revealing and more practical suit this year! Hooray!) The last wish still needs work, and I’m hoping for the same thing 🙂 Here’s to more sexual diversity in 2013 comics!

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