Manga Mondays: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Today’s treat is the first seven volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh! The reason I’m splitting it up is the series itself has different names for different parts. The volumes I’m discussing are not actually part of the anime, so unless you’ve read them already you have no idea what I’m getting into.

Just in case you don’t know what this series is: nerd boy named Yugi puts puzzle together, puzzle gives him a second soul which is badass, boy makes friends, boy and friends have mini-adventures. There aren’t any real big stories, just one-two chapter adventures. It’s basically there to introduce the characters and show how crazy the other Yugi is.

And boy is the other Yugi crazy. These are some of the things he does to people who lose his “shadow games”:

  • sets them on fire
  • puts them into comas (*cough* Kaiba Seto *cough*)
  • changes their vision so everything is blurred/mosaic (like censored TV)
  • gives people hallucinations for the rest of their lives (that’s a really popular one)
  • consumes someone with shadows
  • gets someone bitten by a scorpion
  • gets someone’s soul consumed by twenty-five ravenous dragons
  • forces people to fall through a warehouse roof to the ground several stories below

And those are the ones I can remember. If that is not the definition of crazy, then I do not know what is.

Side note for those who know the anime: There was a shadow game every other chapter in the first seven manga, so I don’t know why Yugi flips out every time someone even mentions shadow games in the later manga.

The drawing style in the early volumes is a nightmare. It’s all wobbly (like it was drawn in a bumpy car) and it’s just a hot mess. By the time you get to volume seven, the style has solidified and it’s a lot better.

So in general, the manga series, especially the first seven volumes, are a lot darker, and therefore, more interesting than the anime. So if you were interested in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime but thought it was too kiddy, check out the manga. It’s got enough of an edge for an older audience.

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