New Year’s Resolutions for the Geeks in Fandom

We have been talking a lot about how the media needs to change things this coming year, but we can’t really expect the rest of the world to change if we don’t change ourselves, right?

There are always some problems in fandom that bother everyone. This year, let’s promise everyone that we’ll follow the resolutions below to create a better, happier fandom.

1. No More Ship Wars, Guys:

Ship wars, really? I have never understood ship wars, because despite how much I love fictional characters, they aren’t real and I’m not going to fight with strangers on the internet over which of my favorite fictional characters should date. Guys, it’s really not worth it. Furthermore, just because someone online says that they don’t like your OTP doesn’t mean that they hate you as a person. Just remember, everyone has their likes and dislikes and we don’t need to go to war over it.

2. No More Rude Comments:

Rude comments, whether posted anonymously or not, are just never acceptable. Be nice and kind to your fellow nerd gals and guys. They have their own issues that they are dealing with and sending rude comments to them isn’t going to help anything.

3. No More Hating on Female Characters or Actresses:

I see so much hate for female actresses and characters and it’s really upsetting, especially since usually the hate around these characters and actresses is over who they are dating. People, I don’t care if that actress is dating the actor or musician you like, or that the new female character is getting between your OTP. It’s not right to constantly shame and put down women, real or fictional. There are many fangirls in fandom. Don’t shame your fellow ladies; it’s just bad form.

4. No Geek-Shaming:

One of the best things about being a geek is learning about and getting into new fandoms that you can enjoy with a community of fans. So often, however, fans are scared away for not knowing about a certain fandom or not knowing every single thing about the fandom. Don’t shame other nerds for not knowing everything. After all, there was a time when you were a newb too.

5. Keep An Open Mind:

I usually think fandom is great at keeping an open mind about things. So I’m just going to stress that this should keep happening. Learn about new and interesting perspectives, don’t rush to judgement, and be inviting to geeks of all types. Keep an open mind and be kind to your fellow geeks.

Have a great New Year everyone!

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  1. Argh!! Working on it 🙂 thanks for this post and happy new year! Goal for 2013: learn to appreciate Justice League by the end of the next school year.

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