So I Hear You Don’t Play Video Games: Wii Sports

Oh, my goodness, it has been way too long since I’ve done one of these. Christmas break gave me more time to catch up on my gaming, so I got to play Wii Sports after a long hiatus.

Wii Sports is that game the Wii came with where you can design yourself a person (or Mii) and play games such as tennis, golf, boxing, bowling, or baseball. For a non-gamer, half the fun is in designing your own Mii, or designing them for other people. Designing for my dad was really fun because he fell asleep on the couch while we were designing his it and my mom, sister, and I could get it to look like him without listening to him complain about it.

Returning to the actual game, the instructions for all of the sports are straight-forward and the movements you do with the Wii remote make perfect sense; if you can move your arms you can play Wii Sports. Even if you are terrible at playing the sport in real life, you can still play it on the Wii with ease.

My two favorite sports are tennis and golf. Golf seems to be the most like playing the sport in real life. Bowling as well, although I’m not good at bowling in real life which is why I don’t fair well in the game. The boxing game just doesn’t appeal to me; I’ve never understood why punching someone in the face is fun. Baseball is the most unrealistic since you never run to any bases, which was always my favorite part. The way Wii Sports has it played, it’s not much more advanced than golf. I think tennis is the most fun because you can play doubles and have more people involved at once.

Overall, Wii Sports is a really fun experience for gamers and non-gamers alike. So if you are a non-gamer don’t be afraid to check this one out!