Web Crush Wednesdays: The Onion

In honor of the upcoming inauguration, I give you a political-themed Web Crush featuring The Onion.

jr9fangirls1111This Web Crush starts with a story. The other day, I was telling the sophomore boy I chauffeur for that I had seen The Hobbit. I was telling him I liked it, but a it was little long. He told me he read that there was a fifty-three-minute scene where Bilbo tells him what to pack. I informed him that it wasn’t true. He told me it was since he read from an online newspaper. I asked which one; he told me The Onion. And I proceeded to laugh at him for not figuring out it was satire.

In case you aren’t a news junkie, The Onion is a satirical newspaper that mostly follows political events. Most of their stories are extremely over-the-top, and well executed. For example, they named Kim Jong Un their sexiest man alive. A bunch of newspapers actually thought it was real and reprinted the article. The articles are funny in and of themselves, but they become funnier when someone actually thinks they’re legit.

If you are in DC, they also have hard copies that you can get free on the street. However, they are always the first ones to be taken. I know this is a Web Crush, but I have a personal preference for the hard copy. Nothing was funnier than their weekly weather reports and those are only in the hard copy.

And yes, it’s always fun to run into the stray person who thinks they’re being serious. So if you are in for a good laugh and are into the goings on of the world, look no further than The Onion.

2 thoughts on “Web Crush Wednesdays: The Onion

  1. Actually, they do provide a weather report on their website. It is on the upper left hand corner, and you can get a full week weather report on their video page. My personal favorite was the report for the week that those people said the second coming would happen, when they reported that the destruction of the earth would be on Wednesday along with 4000 degree temperatures and a slight chance of demons.

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