The Road So Far: “Torn and Frayed” Review



Well, Supernatural is back and so are my reviews. I’ll admit it I was excited for tonight’s episode. So far season eight has been excellent, but now the reviews are going to get harsher. Why?

Before the mid-season finale, I tend to give the show the benefit of the doubt. I assume that things I’m on the fence about will be fixed in the second half of the season. When things don’t appear to be headed in that direction I start to get pissed.

My current concern is Supernatural‘s female characters and the direction they’re headed.

Overall, I think this episode was really good. The plot is developing, characters are developing, things are moving forward and progressing pretty naturally. I’m insanely worried about Castiel, but that’s because he’s my favorite character and I don’t like it when bad things happen to him. However, those bad things create drama, which make for an exciting show. So even though my inner fangirl is screaming, “Cas! No, baby! I just want Cas to be okay!”, my inner critic is going, “Ah yes, this is very interesting. Excellent dramatic tension.” So really, I’m fine with Cas’s plotline so far.

I can’t even get too upset about Samandriel. Now, while I’m annoyed that every other angel I love dies (Anna, Gabriel, Balthazar), I can’t complain about Samandriel’s death. Before I was annoyed that supporting characters constantly die, because it leaves no one for Dean and Sam to play off of, but we still have a good supporting cast. Benny, Kevin, Mrs. Tran, Garth, Amelia, and Cas are all still around, so losing Samandriel isn’t actually a huge loss, though it makes me unbelievably sad.

The plot with the tablets is pretty interesting and now it’s revealed that there is an angel tablet as well as someone (Naomi) messing with the angels. All these things are interesting and, honestly, I expected there to be more tablets, especially ones by angels. And it makes sense that Naomi may be doing something to the other angels in the same way she is doing things to Cas.

Sam and Dean’s relationship seems real and natural, and it’s developing really well. And I swear that this episode had some of the best acting from Jared Padalecki this season. Benny’s relationship with Dean continues to progress as does Sam’s with Amelia’s and I think it makes a lot of sense that both Sam and Dean would give up those relationships to be with each other. Sam and Dean will always choose each other over everyone else, so that’s definitely in character.

So really, I have no problem so far with plot or characterization or anything. What do I have a problem with—the female characters.

Supernatural writers, I’m never going to get to have a female angel, am I? Anna was awesome, but then you drove her insane and killed her. Rachel was only on screen twice before she was killed, and now we have Naomi who’s an evil evil angel. I just get annoyed that a show that already has poor female representation chose to cast Naomi as a woman. Everyone was worried about Benny’s character when he first appeared on the show, but the writers did everything to get you, the viewer, to like him. He saved Cas, he saved Dean, he fought to protect his lover, then his granddaughter. Why don’t female characters get this same treatment?

With the exception of Rachel, who dies instantly, we have never had a good female angel. Anna doesn’t count because she goes evil and because she was in the show way less than characters like Balthazar. I want a female angel that’s good. And if she must die, can she please die heroically and not go evil beforehand? I was so excited when the writers announced that a new female angel would be a recurring character. It really is a slap in the face that she is an evil angel that is torturing and killing people.

Then there is Amelia. I genuinely like Amelia and I really want Sam to be happy. I think Amelia is fun and spunky, but if she ends up just being another disposable love interest, I will send angry letter after angry letter to Jeremy Carver. I want Amelia to hit the road with Sam and Dean, or have a base and help them research while they hunt. And I really want her to smack Sam and Dean for thinking they either have to hunt or live a normal life. Boys, listen to me: you can’t live a normal life. The bad guys will always find you. It’s better to be honest with the people you love so that you can protect them and they can protect themselves. Hunters have families all the time. I know it’s not perfect, but Sam and Dean really need to realize that no family is perfect and that that life is really their best option. So Supernatural, if Amelia doesn’t come back and grow as a character, I’m going to be pissed.

And Kevin, you sent your mother away?! Away?! Do the writers realize she is the best recurring female character they have right now? If we don’t see Mrs. Tran again I will be especially pissed, because if Amelia doesn’t get involved in hunting and Mrs. Tran leaves, we once again have an all-male cast.

Hopefully, next week’s episode with Felicia Day (OMG Yes!) will be better, but right now I feel like the writers are torturing me.

You know who else is getting tortured right now? Adam!

See you next week, idjits!