The Road So Far: “LARP and the Real Girl” Review



I don’t even have words, you guys. This review is going to be very short, because… IT WAS AWESOME!

I don’t… I don’t even know what to say without this turning into a very unstructured fan rant.

So I’m going to try to address some of the concerns I had last review. Those concerns were the portrayal of women and Sam and Dean maturing as people.

I got both of those this episode!

I’m not saying that the state of women in Supernatural is fixed by Charlie, but she certainly is a good start. Not only is she a strong, independent, well-rounded female character, but also a well-developed lesbian character. I really almost wish that Felicia Day wasn’t as popular as she is so that she could take a permanent job on Supernatural. Furthermore, Charlie works great as a supporting character for Sam and Dean.

Did anyone else notice that Dean told Charlie everything since the the last time they saw each other? He told her about everything except for his friendship with Benny, but he looked like he wanted to tell her about it. Dean doesn’t even do that with Sam and Cas. In a very short time, Charlie has become a best friend or even family to Dean, someone that he shares almost everything with, and he needs that.

Sam and Dean have been through a lot as the show has progressed, but they haven’t always matured very well. Not that they haven’t matured at all, but they certainly make the same mistakes over and over—one of them being constantly running away from their problems and from people who care about them. Charlie here basically acts as our boys’ wise Queen, delivering them the advice that they desperately need to better themselves. It was so nice to see the boys react and cut loose for once. They deserve it.

So yeah, for once we got a fun happy episode where no one suffered horribly. Isn’t that nice?

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