Trailer Tuesdays: Oblivion

The world has ended! Or has it? Let’s watch!

Who thinks Tom Cruise still has it in him to be an action star?

Not me! He’s never had that vibe about him to start with, and now it just seems like he’s trying too hard. He’s always struck me as a guy who should be doing rom coms and not action. I put Tom Cruise in the same category as Pierce Brosnan (if you aren’t up on your actor names, he was the previous James Bond). Granted, Brosnan’s singing was terrible in the Mamma Mia! movie, but it seemed like a better role for him acting-wise.

Also, is it me or does Morgan Freeman look really steampunk? I’m not sure he can rock that look, and there are very few things Morgan Freeman can’t rock. Round sunglasses just don’t look nice on his face; I think they confused Freeman with Laurence Fishburne.

I don’t think the plot looks too interesting either. It’s like a cross between The Matrix and Prometheus without the female characters. I got the vibe that we aren’t going to have strong female characters, which makes me sad. The two featured look like talking mouth-pieces.

Anyway, that seemed like a very stream-of-consciousness post. Who wants to go see this without me?