The Road So Far: “Everybody Hates Hitler” Review



Wow, I have to say this season is turning out to be season gr8! In this episode, Sam and Dean fight zombies nazis and meet a golem. Also the cast gets more diverse and the show sets up for future plot lines! Hooray!

This episode was fantastic and really sets up the show for futures episodes, even seasons. Sam and Dean use the key they inherited from their grandfather to gain access into the storehouse of the Men of Letters. It’s really less of a storehouse and more of an awesome base of operation. It looks like the boys have a new home base, and while I will miss Bobby’s house, I have to say this new base is definitely an upgrade. It was adorable watching Sam geek out over the vast library and Dean getting excited over all the swords and showers.

Sam begins researching and soon discovers that there are other secret societies that the Men of Letters knew of that no one, not even other Hunters knew about. This is how Sam and Dean learn about a secret society of rabbis known as The Judah Initiative who worked with the Men of Letters during World War II. They also learn of a society of immortal Nazis that call themselves the Thule Society. The Thule Society kills Rabbi Bass, the last surviving member of The Judah Initiative, which leaves the Rabbi’s grandson Aaron with a golem: a giant made of clay and brought to life to protect the Jewish people.

This episode was exciting, funny, and sets up several important plot points. First, we got more diversity and more emphasis on side characters. In many of my reviews last year I stated the need for Sam and Dean to have supporting characters to play off of. Furthermore, that cast needed to be diverse and show a wide range of people to not only give a range of perspectives, but also to attract a broader audience and so far the show has been doing a tremendous job of bringing in new diverse supporting characters. Now we have a Jewish character in the form of Aaron and he comes with a giant clay monster. Awesome!

The addition of Aaron, along with characters like Kevin and his mom, Garth, Benny, and Castiel, are creating a great supporting cast for Sam and Dean. Charlie also seems to be joining that supporting cast. After “LARP and the Real Girl,” Charlie mentioned if Dean and Sam ever needed her help she’d be around, and it’s already been reported that Charlie will be returning this season with a case for Sam and Dean. While the diversity and representation on the show is getting better, it still isn’t perfect, especially if characters like Mrs. Tran and Amelia don’t return. The show will still be lacking some major female characters, but I’m still very impressed with the improvements that have been made.

And now we have a new home base for Sam and Dean that holds a wealth of knowledge. After one episode we have already met two new secret societies that can survive as both friends and foes. This can set up the show in the future, allowing Sam and Dean to learn more about other societies or creatures that they have never heard of or faced before. There is also potential for Sam and Dean to restart the Men of Letters, and potentially train new people, thus introducing new characters.

I can’t wait to see more episodes from an already great season.

Also Sam and Dean are trying to close the gates of hell. I wonder how Adam would feel about being trapped in hell with Michael and Lucifer forever.

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