Trailer Tuesdays: From Up On Poppy Hill (English)

So a while back, I reviewed this trailer. It was all in Japanese without subtitles. And if you remember that post, you’ll remember that it pissed me off to no end when I couldn’t find any version of it with English subtitles. But thanks to Tsunderin, I have finally found an English version. Of course, then again, in my last review, I did say that the English trailer should die a horrible death for not existing at that time. But, hey, what the hell?

Here it is, regardless.

As a whole, I love everything that Studio Ghibli puts out. The animation is always very well done, and the characterization is, too. From Up On Poppy Hill doesn’t quite fit in with the genre that I tend to go for, but it doesn’t look to be any less fulfilling. It seems to have a lot of internal conflicts in it for the main protagonist, especially considering that she’s still signaling her father’s ship, even though he’s passed away. The boy she meets, whom I think may be her long-lost brother according to everything I’ve read about this, doesn’t really make a huge appearance in this trailer. And that’s a bit of a shame, because I’d like to hear more about that relationship.

What I mostly love about Hayao Miyazaki films is that female protagonists are done remarkably well. They seem like real people with real motives. And though some of them tend to be very similar in many ways, they are very easily likable, and they have real conflicts that they need to overcome. I have no doubt that the same will happen here.

So don’t forget to check out this movie as soon as you’re able to.

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