Web Crush Wednesdays: Tim Helbig

Tim Helbig is one of my favorite YouTubers. He’s funny and quirky and as a gay scientist he makes for an out-of-the-ordinary personality. He’s not the gay fashionista or entertainment critic often seen on YouTube, but is instead a soft-spoken and imaginative character. He’s also the younger brother of Grace Helbig and, as I’ve said before, all good things on the internet come either from or in association with Grace Helbig. Tim’s YouTube channel TimWillDestroyYou actually falls into both categories, having been set up by Grace as a Christmas gift and frequently featuring Grace in his videos.

But Grace is certainly not the only good thing about Tim’s channel! Tim’s channel is full of awkwardly charming little skits and self-deprecating humor. Tim seems like the kind of person who could probably seem awkward or boring in a large group, but in the pseudo-personal world of vlogging, his mild personality shines.

TimWillDestroyYou is a kind of unpredictable channel. I’m never sure what to expect from the next video (uploaded once a week) in terms of content. Tim might do a skit, or share a story from his childhood, or film himself filing his taxes. Seriously. No matter what the video though, I know it will be humorous and include Tim’s unique point of view. In all the loud personalities on the internet, it’s enjoyable to watch a quieter video with small puns and turns of phrase. The videos have some clever humor but don’t reach for anything beyond simple entertainment and Tim, though clearly very intelligent, never seems unapproachable or pedantic with his comedy so I love watching him. Give him a look and I’m sure you’ll love him too!