Celebrating the “brotp”: Ten Awesome Platonic Friendships

Pretty much everyone who has read fanfiction has an OTP—a One True Pairing that they ship harder than anything else. But what about the couples that are just awesome buds, and who you like together as friends but not romantically? Well the recently coined term ‘brotp’ is there for you. And since Valentine’s Day puts and unnecessary emphasis on being in a romantic relationship, I figured I’d take this post to give a shout-out to some of the awesomest platonic friendships out there.

1. Clint + Kate—Hawkeye

tumblr_mhqj95KO1C1qcw66ho1_500The titular Hawkeyes of Matt Fraction’s current run have the awesomest friendship dynamic together. Clint mucks something up, Kate sasses him; Clint gets in deeper than he should, Kate defies orders to show up and pull him out of the frying pan. They have a really comfortable relationship of mutual respect that I adore, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. Isaac + Miria—Baccano!

miriaisaacIsaac and Miria… what can I say? They are the ditziest anime characters I can think of off the top of my head, and I’ve seen a lot of anime. They’re just your average gold-mining, cosplaying, ballsy, immortal, run-of-the-mill thieves. I love how excited they are about everything and how much fun they have no matter what they’re up to. They have the kind of relationship where literally anything could happen and they’d still come out on top, laughing together, pockets full of loot.

3. Dean + Charlie—Supernatural

larp and the real girl dean charlieTheir first meeting was a little awkward, since Dean thought she was a total dork who talked to her bobblehead Hermione and Charlie thought Dean was a nutbag who thought her boss was a monster from Purgatory. (Turned out they were both right.) Charlie’s second episode on SPN really hammered home their bro-ship for me—Charlie gets the famously emotionally constipated Dean to open up about his feelings, AND helps him blow off some steam by helping him show his totally-not-obvious love of geeky things.

4. The Doctor + Donna—Doctor Who

doctor460He just wanted a mate, and he got one in Donna. She was so important that he (and basically every existing universe)’d literally be dead if she hadn’t been there for him, and he helped her realize that she was so much more than a temp from Chiswick. Their friendship and its importance in the show is really heartwarming. (If only he hadn’t screwed her over in the end…)

5. Kirk + Bones—Star Trek: The Original Series

star trek kirk bonesKirk and Spock also have a great friendship, don’t get me wrong; it’s just that if i had to pick a brotp from TOS, it’d totally be these two. They’re the sort of buds that can talk to each other about anything and who know every little detail about each other’s lives. When Kirk is feeling down, Bones is right there for him with some not-so-regulation Romulan ale to drown his sorrows in. And that’s just in TOS. Nu!Kirk and Bones have a pretty rockin’ friendship as well.

6. Celty + Shizuo—Durarara!!

celty shizuo durarara drrrThese two are basically the most feared beings in Ikebukuro, so it makes sense that they’d hang out. But they’re not just friends because everyone else is scared to talk to them (although that might be how it started). They really do care about each other, to the point where Shizuo threatens to totally destroy someone who hurt Celty.

7. Elphaba + Glinda—Wicked

wicked“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? I do believe I have been changed for the better. And because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

Wicked is one of the best female friendship stories I’ve ever seen, hands down. It shows how two people who are very different can still find common ground, and how friendship can help people grow and change into their best selves. (I’m getting weepy just thinking about the “For Good” scene…)

8. Stephanie Brown + Cass Cain—DC Comics

steph brown cass cain batgirlCass Cain and Steph Brown started off not liking each other too well, but eventually bonded over their similar back grounds and drive to do good. They look out for each other and help each other. Cass and Steph both have supervillain fathers and really lean on each other to deal with all the problems that comes with that. Cass even defied Batman (Freaking Batman!) to train Steph as Batgirl. These girls are the best bros ever and they don’t take any shit from those Bat-men in the Bat-family.

9. Merry + Pippin—The Lord of the Rings

meriadoc-brandybock-peregrin-tookThese two may just be the original troublemaking duo of fantasy books. Merry is the slightly more sensible one, and Pippin is the real goofball, and they’re basically attached at the hip. Even after they’re separated by Gandalf, it’s hard to think of just one—Merry-and-Pippin are practically a single unit. It’s fun to watch them grow as characters when they’re apart, but it’s way more heartwarming to see them reunited.

10. Joan + Sherlock—Elementary

ElemenaryIt’s rare to see zero romantic interest between two protagonists of the opposite gender on a major television during prime time, but Elementary delivers. She’s a sober companion; he’s a recovering addict with a rich father and excellent deductive reasoning. Together, they solve crime in New York City. They fight like siblings and have enormous respect for one another (although Sherlock like to pretend otherwise); it makes for entertaining television and an excellent friendship.

So who’s your brotp, readers dear? Hit us up in the comments, and have a great rest of your V-Day!

15 thoughts on “Celebrating the “brotp”: Ten Awesome Platonic Friendships

  1. Merry and Pippin!! Kate and Clint!! These shipper lists are one of the many reasons why I love this blog. YOU PEOPLE ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND MY OTP’s!!!!!

    • I guess I have to disagree with the Doctor+Donna pairing. While, to be sure, The Doctor loves his companions with all his hearts, I don’t think that he really thinks of them as part of himself. He can’t; otherwise he would be devastated when they inevitably die.

      Sorry to reply to my own comment, I just can’t edit it.

      • Really? I feel like that’s one of the tragedies of Doctor Who – he loves all his companions, and so when they die he is totally devastated. Look at the way he acted between Angels Take Manhattan and the Christmas special.

      • Meh; Cortana+Chief wasn’t such a great example of a platonic friendship anyway. How about Spike and Twilight? Remember in the first episode we see what a loner Twilight is, and Spike is her only friend. Later, during the Discord fiasco, Twilight packs her bags and goes to leave Ponyville. Who does she (not) take with her? Spike.

        • Spike and Twilight, for sure. You could probably say Twi and Cadance, too, although their relationship is almost sisterly more than friendshippy. (and, well, also, legally sisterly, what with being sisters-in-law…)

          • Cadence is a bit of an anomaly; I don’t know what to think of her. I don’t think you could say that she has a platonic friendship with Twilight because they don’t see each other very often. That is a pretty cool point you make though: I guess they are sisters-in-law now, or something like that. Here’s one that I think is the archetypal platonic friendship: Calvin and Hobbes.

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