The Road So Far: “Trial and Error” Review



This latest episode of Supernatural is excellent! So far, almost all of the episodes this season have been spot on. So let’s take a look at “Trial and Error” and where the show is headed.

This episode we get to see Kevin again as he finally translates the word of God in order to help Dean and Sam close the gates of Hell. Dean and Sam must complete trials in order to close the gates of Hell, the first step being to kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood.

Probably two of the best things about this episode are Sam and Dean “nesting” in their new base and actually getting to finally see a hellhound. But, am I the only one upset that Growley, Crowley’s dog, was the one who died? That made me a little sad…

Anyway, Dean is intent on making these trials his final suicide run so that Sam can finally live the normal life that he wants, but Sam ignores Dean’s orders to stay put and goes to help Dean anyway. As a result, Sam is the one who completed the first trial and must now complete all the subsequent trials.

I love that the writers are giving Sam more to do, considering how heavily the beginning of the season focused on Dean. Plus, out of the two brothers, Sam should be the one that most wants to close Hell, considering that it was always Sam that Lucifer and the demons most liked to screw with. On top of that, Sam is determined that he and Dean will live through the closing of Hell, and tells Dean he is determined to help them both have at least a somewhat normal life.

One of things l’ve liked recently was the idea that Sam and Dean retiring from being hunters not meaning that they give up everything supernatural all together. Becoming Men of Letters as they were meant to seems to be the happy and safe medium between quitting hunting completely and never leaving the life.

Another great thing about this episode was the surprising death that didn’t happen. We had a one-off female character of color in this episode, and in Supernatural that usually spells death, but surprisingly and happily, she did not die. So good improvement there!

Of course there are some things I’m not too pleased about. For example, when am I going to see Benny again? We left off on kind of a cliffhanger with Benny and I would like to see that storyline wrapped up. Same with Mrs. Tran, she was this kick ass female character and I would really like to see more of her before the season is out.

I’m also worried about our side characters. While the writers seem to be introducing more side characters for Sam and Dean to play off of, it seems likely that Kevin (that includes his mom) and Benny’s storyline will end this season. I don’t want these characters to disappear from the show. Sam and Dean need that supporting cast and getting rid of the Trans would seriously hurt the diversity in the show. I’m not too worried about Charlie, who has already been promised to return. And it seems like a given that we will see Garth, and Aaron and his Golem again. Castiel is also due to return soon.

I’m really disappointed that Amelia turned out to be another disposable girlfriend. She didn’t go after Sam or become a hunter or something interesting. She was just there to be random Winchester girlfriend number 3745736. It’s annoying.

In other news, Adam is still in Hell, but here is a suggestion to the writers: Crowley could use Adam as his trump card not to get the Winchesters to close Hell. Just a thought that would also tie up a loose end.